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  • Version: 1.1.10
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  • Date: Dec 25, 2012
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    System Monitor
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Kashef Studio is an advanced real time application monitoring framework with customizable dashboards. It can collect information from a variety of sources in real-time and enable proactive monitoring diagnostics. This increases system availability and reduces downtime on end-users. It is now possible to find out when the system is slow before users complain.

Kashef system leverages a modular design where a large number of basic building blocks ( called Kashef Components or KACs for short ) are available out of the box that can then be used in creating more complex blocks. Implementing a monitoring solution therefore becomes the process of creating new configurations based on these blocks or using an existing available configuration which comes in the form of a KPack ( Kashef Pack ). This is analogous to creating circuit boards from basic electronic components such as transistors, resisters and capacitors.

Kashef Studio Features:
1. Built in collection modules for performance counters, http pings, log files, COM+ sources.
2. Advanced Complex Event Processor based analytics engine
3. Customizable analysis module creation
4. Graphical IDE for defnition of monitoring modules and custom dashboards
5. Real time charts, tables and health gauges
6. Email notification capablities
7. Online forum for exchanging monitoring modules
8. Currently available modules allows Windows Server monitoring, IIS monitoring, URL monitoring and synthentic transaction monitoring

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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