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Turn your $2,000 computer into a $20 alarm clock! Set up to five different alarm times. Wake up to a beep, any wave or MIDI file, even a track from your favorite audio CD. Great for travellers, or the executive who likes to sleep on the job.

Enhancements/Bugs Fixed
Version 3.0.5: Updated default ding sound to make it louder.
Version 3.0.3: Added ability to easily browse for shortcuts (*.lnk files) when selecting Alarm File to play or open.
Version 3.0.2: Fixed problem that caused program to sometimes forget to recognize edited alarm times.
Version 3.0.1: Fixed problem editing description of Alarm 1. Improved support for context menu's Cancel choice.
Version 3.0: Added suport for multiple CD drives, added fifth alarm time. Fixed problem with missing Windows Default sound.
Version 2.6: Program can now play any multimedia file (.AVI, .MP3, etc.) when an alarm is sounded.
Version 2.5.2: Fixes problem that could cause program to crash when minimized.
Version 2.5.1: Time display increases in size as main window is expanded. Updates user interface when running under Windows XP.
Version 2.4.2: Fixes typographical error that caused one control's ToolTipText to be displayed in its Caption.
Version 2.4.1: Source includes new Registry.bas module, now uses updated Common Control library.
Version 2.3: displays a reminder to press the <Spacebar> key to silence the alarm. It also allows you to press the <Esc> key, or click the Stop button (black square) on the multimedia control panel.
Version 2.2: Changed the way alarm times appear when being edited.
Version 2.1: Fixed bug that sometimes caused program to fail to sound an alarm
Version 2.0: Supports audio CDs.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital clock & timer software.

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