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  • Date: Aug 06, 2019
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Karaoke Lyrics Editor Download
Free Download Karaoke Lyrics Editor 3.0

Karaoke Lyrics Editor can synchronize your songs with lyrics. It is Qt-based GUI application to edit and test Karaoke lyrics in popular lyric formats. Features full support for non-English languages, support for CDG, LRC and UltraStar specifics, and built-in karaoke testing window

1. Full internationalization support. The editor has been extensively tested with Russian and Chinese languages, and should work with any other language supported by Qt. Exported lyrics are saved in UTF-8 encoding which supports virtually any language around. For imported lyrics the application lets you to choose the text encoding.
2. Supports most multimedia formats without being dependend on external player. The application is built using Phonon technology, and is able to play popular music formats, including MP3 and OGG.
3. Has extensive built-in help system and detailed online tutorial;
4. Supports creating lyrics in LRC (supported version 1 and 2), UltraStar and CD+G formats;
5. Supports import and export of lyrics in all supported formats (format-specific restrictions may apply);
6. Supports standard text editing features, including unlimited undo;
7. Supports adding and removing timing marks when the song is being played using mouse or a shortcut key;
8. Supports placeholders the cursor will stop on while inserting timing marks;
9. Flexible configuration of cursor movement when timing marks are inserted. The cursor could move to next word or end of line before moving to the next line;
10. Provides extensive validator engine which detects most common formatting errors in the lyric file;
11. Provides a preview window where the lyrics can be tested. Separate preview window is provided for CD+G lyrics.
12. Allows editing format-specific tags, and properly exports them.
13. Checks and informs you whether a new version is available.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this karaoke software.

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