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Job2Do Download
Free Download Job2Do 1.1.2

Job2Do is a distributed, cross-platform job scheduling ("batch") system that allows you to easily and visually define jobs, dependencies, and schedules. Job2Do aspires to be the simplest, most intuitive, and most affordable batch scheduler you have ever used without sacrificing the core functionality that you need. Say goodbye to UNIX cron/at, Windows Scheduled Tasks, and custom batch scripting.

It was designed for small to medium-sized businesses having sophisticated software automation needs. You can run hundreds of jobs on a single machine or distribute them over many machines across your LAN/WAN.

Truly Cross-Platform
Many organizations rely on a variety of operating systems to run their business. Written in pure Java, Job2Do is OS-agnostic. Thus Job2Do batches allow you to seamlessly sew together heterogeneous networks of application machines.

Running a distributed (or even single-machine) batch is complex enough.

Are you scared off by the words "enterprise solution" and "contact our sales representative for a quote"? You know what comes next, the fat price tag targeting deep-pocketed IT managers.

Besides the inherent flexibility of being able to access any command line tool/script/application on any OS, via Job2Do's plug-in mechanism the system's built-in job universe is infinitely extensible.

Job2Do is the batch scheduler for the rest of us, those systems administrators and automators who are tired of wrestling with cron/at, Windows Scheduled Tasks, and custom scheduling scripts, yet do not have budget for the products employed by Fortune 500 companies (although we think they'd like our product too).

Job2Do Features:
1. Lightweight
Double-click install with no need to install any supporting enterprise platforms, web servers, messaging systems, databases, etc.

2. 100% cross-platform/OS-neutral
Written in pure Java. Tie together Windows, UNIX, and Mac machines into one coordinated batch system.

3. Fully distributed, real time event model
Actions of all 3 components (Server, Client, GUI) synchronized across your TCP/IP network via real time events and queuing.

4. Simple, intuitive GUI
* Visually define job schedules/dependencies.
* Extensive, layered filtering of job data to enable quick visual management/monitoring of jobs.
* View "tails" of your completed jobs' output logs (stderr/stdout) as well as OS-generated errors directly from the GUI (no need to log into remote client machines).
* View job run histories.
* Search full text of entire batch.
* Group jobs freely into logical, hierarchical units, without affecting dependencies and timing.
* Visually monitor the state of client ("agent") machines in real time.

5. Secured data
All network communications done over SSL (no job data ever passed in cleartext over the network). All job definitions stored in an encrypted database.

6. Holiday calendars
Freely define custom holiday calendars to prevent jobs from running on holidays. Each job can be associated with any calendar (or none).

7. Parameterized batch date
For commands that require a current date, use the parameterized system date in any format you choose. You can also use 1-day offsets (previous business day, previous calendar day).

8. Fully configurable notifications
Define alert emails on a batch-wide or per job basis.

9. XML export/import
Export/import job definition data in order to archive/version/source code control.

10. Built-in jobs
Apart from pure command line jobs that you can define yourself, Job2Do comes with the following built-in jobs: non-secure FTP, file monitor, zip/unzip, job data export, email.

11. On demand jobs and "streams"
Set up sequences or "streams" of jobs that, while having complex dependencies, do not run on a specified day at a specified time. These jobs appear in the same view as your other jobs (or they can be filtered out), but can only be started manually. Upon manual start of the "lead" job, the entire stream will execute, obeying all dependencies. This feature is very useful for testing new streams or executing special "one-off" batches on an irregular basis.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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