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  • Date: Feb 04, 2013
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    Image Utility
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Jhead is an exif Jpeg header manipulation tool.

Jhead program Features
1. Extracting camera settings from Exif image files
2. Able to set and/or adjust the Exif time field
3. Manipulation (extract, replace, regenerate) of Exif integral thumbnails
4. Transplant Exif image header from one JPEG to another
5. Edit JPEG comment fields
6. Automatically rotate images upright (using jpegtran) according to "orientation" tag.
7. Manage running programs on large batches of Jpegs and restoring Exif header information afterwards.
8. Display embedded GPS info (if present)

Things jhead can extract from an Exif jpeg file:
1. Time and date picture was taken
2. Camera make and model
3. Integral low-res Exif thumbnail
4. Shutter speed
5. Camera F-stop number
6. Flash used (yes/no)
7. Distance camera was focused at
8. Focal length and calculate 35 mm equivalent focal length
9. Image resolution
10. GPS info, if stored in image
11. IPTC header
12. XMP data

Things jhead can modify in an exif jpeg file:
1. Up-right images according to rotation tag using jpegtran
2. Set or relative adjust internal exif timestamps
3. Fix date / time offsets in large batches of images
4. Re-name or date stamp files according to exif timestamp
5. Transfer exif headers between images
6. Replace thumbnails inside Exif headers
7. Edit jpeg comments (but not the Exif comments)
8. Delete exif or comment sections from jpeg images
9. Create new minimal exif header containing date and thumbnail

The program also has a lot of other command line options for manipulating Exif files, such as options to manipulate the date in the header, renaming image files, or coordinating running Jpegtran and Mogrify to manipulate whole directory trees of images.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image utility software.

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