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  • Date: Jan 09, 2011
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Java Clipboard Spell Checker Download
Free Download Java Clipboard Spell Checker 0.01

Java Clipboard Spell Checker is a small utility designed to check the spelling for the text from the clipboard. Find spelling errors in the text from clipboard. It is not intended to replace a good word processor with a fine built in spell checker. Instead, it is designed to fill in the gaps where a spell checker is not available. Because it spell checks only the clipboard their is never a compatibility issue between it and other programs.

Just highlight your selection, copy it onto the clipboard. Usually ctrl-c works if a menu option is not available. Then past it into the Java Spell Checker. All your questionable word will be underlined in red and you can right click on any of them to get a list of possible corrections. After you are done, click the "Cut&Clear" button and your content will be pasted back on the clipboard where you can then ctrl-v them back into the other program with corrections. Easy as you please no problems.

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The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this clipboard software.

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