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  • Date: Apr 09, 2010
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    Password Manager
    Antivirus & Security
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A program to keep private data safe. The JWallet is a personal finance management tool. Allows you to govern your budget by putting your expanses/investments in one place. It also provides additional central services such as online investment funds/share prices, messaging services and other.

User password is transformed into an valid key for the encryption / decryption algorithm. The application encryption / decryption algorithm is AES / CBC / PKCS5Padding and it is considered the best available!
It uses a default 256 bits key, which is strong enough for any purpose. This 256 bits key is generated by using a message digest SHA-256 algorithm on user input password!

This application uses the advanced SecureRandom class for random number generator. For training purpose only (can be considered redundant), it is used an 8 bytes salt and it is performed 1000 iterations in order to derive the fingerprints of initial user password using the message digest algorithm. However, initial fingerprints (without using the salt and iterations) should be enough because:

* Java Runtime

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this password manager software.

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