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  • Date: Nov 10, 2010
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JTalker Download
Free Download JTalker 0.7.1

Free Java Instant Messenger. JTalker is an instant messenger system written in Java. JTalker is an instant messenger program, like ICQ and Jabber. It thus serves a free communication across a network. The package consists of a server and client software. Both components were developed in Java, and therefore need to run the Java Runtime Evironment in version 6.0 or higher. An instant messaging system.

JTalker Features:
1. XML-based protocol
2. HTML-enabled chat window (display of emoticons)
3. User status
4. Send a message to multiple recipients
5. Chat Rooms
6. File transfer
7. SSL
8. Server and client is extensible Plugins
9. and much more ...

The Jtalker server
The Server is responsible for all the client connections and message dispatching. You should install
it on a machine, which has a stable network connection to the client computers.

Starting the server
The Jtalker-Server is a command-line application. Open a command shell (on MS Windows: cmd.exe or the Powershell") and go to the directory where the server is installed (jtalkerserver.jar).
Now start the server:$ java jar jtalkerserver.jar

Starting the client
Starting the client depends on the operating system you are using. In general you can also use the
command line on every system:$ java jar jtalkerclient.jar
But there will be simpler ways to start the client on Windows and Linux.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this instant messenger software.

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