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  • Date: Mar 01, 2015
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JMP3Renamer Download
Free Download JMP3Renamer 2.3.4

JMP3Renamer is a plugin-based renamer/tagger written in Java. It supports automatical assignment of the data to the files and magic cookies to specify the filename format. Currently available plugins: Discogs, MusicBrainz, Filename, Filetag, Mp3, Ogg

1. Rename and tag MP3 and OGG files
2. Get meta data from Musicbrainz, LastFM or Discogs
3. Get album art from LastFM, Discogs or Google Image Search
4. Define the file name pattern
5. Define the generated directory structure

How to use:
1. After the start of JMP3Renamer you should have a look at the settings and change them to fit your needs. Select Options->Edit in the menubar to do that. Apply your changes by clicking on OK. JMP3Renamer is able to save your settings, so you have to do this only after the first start of JMP3Renamer.

2. Select the directory with Select a directory, which contains the files, you want to rename. All files with supported fileformat will now be listed on the left. If you see some files you don't want to rename, you may remove them by selecting them with the mouse and pressing the "Delete"-button of your keyboard.

3. Now we will have to get some data for renaming. Therefore we click on one of the PlugIn-buttons on the right. You will now see the user interface of the plugin you have selected and be able to get some data. The data will be shown in the middle of JMP3Renamer. Now we can have a look at the data and edit one thing or another. Therefore select one of the entries in the middle of JMP3Renamer. On the right, there will be shown the dataset according to the "New Filename" you have selected.

4. The last thing we do is, to edit the data we fetched with help of the plugin. We may edit one dataset by doubleclicking on and changing the value of a dataset entry, or we use the text functions integrated in JMP3Renamer to edit all datasets. With the help of these functions we can specify the leading zeros of the tracknumber, or change the notation of all words to "Capitalized", "UPPERCASE" or "lowercase".

5. Now we are able to rename the files: Select File->Rename in the menubar.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this mp3 tag editor software.

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