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  • Version: 5.23.2004
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  • Date: Jun 22, 2011
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Free Download JE Eyes 5.23.2004

JE Eyes is a free Japanese-English bidirectional dictionary for Windows featuring search by kanji, radicals, english, japanese, and much more. I've been studying Japanese for the past several years and having never found a truly good dictionary, I built my own. The program focuses on helping you learn kanji and compounds, while providing a fast interface to help you look up words and characters. I hope this program can help you learn Japanese better as well.

JE Eyes Features:
1. Integration with EDICT, KANJIDIC, and RADKFILE dictionaries.
2. Drag kanji into the radical-boxes (dark grey) to break them into radicals (from any source).
3. Filter results by radicals found in compounds.
4. Find kanji by radical
5. Find kanji by stroke count
6. View all beginning radicals
7. Analyze multiple kanji at once
8. Color-coded matches
9. Search by "Begin in", "End in", "Contain", and "Are"
10. Search with wildcards "?" (Japanese)
11. Text copy/paste support (kanji buttons, kanji analysis, word search may all be copied)
12. Updatable dictionaries

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this application software.

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