JConvert - BMP/JPEG Converter

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  • Date: Feb 06, 2010
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    Image Processing
JConvert - BMP/JPEG Converter Download
Free Download JConvert - BMP/JPEG Converter

JConvert - BMP/JPEG Converter is actually a viewer and converter of BMP to JPEG files and vice versa.

Some hints: To convert an image, select the file (the image appears), click "Convert" and give the name for the new file. If it's a BMP image you need to enter the compression-quality ratio.

Press Del to delete the selected file. Everytime the program is executed, it associates itself with folders, and the option "JConvert" is shown in the right-click menu.

In (My Computers -> Control Panel ->) Add/Remove Programs you may remove JConvert. That will only remove the Registry entries.

You may pass a file as a command-line parameter. See command.txt in the zip for more details.

If you wish to open BMP or JPG images with JConvert do the following:
1. Run Windows Explorer (Start -> Programs -> Windows Explorer)
2. Go to: View -> Options -> File Types
3. Select Bitmap Image (or JPEG Image) and click Edit. If that doesn't exist, select New Type, enter bmp (or jpg) for extension and Bitmap (or JPEG) Image for description.
4. Select New
5. Enter action: JConvert
6. Click Browse and find jconvert.exe
7. Add: (space) "%1" (WITH quotes) to Application used...
8. From now on, JConvert shows up on the right-click menu.

There is no copyright, do as you wish with the program.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image processing software.

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