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  • Date: Jul 09, 2012
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JBL Risk Manager is a Money Risk Management Share Trading Software. Remove the emotion and guesswork. It is the result of many years research and consultation with many novice and experienced trading professionals. It is superior to anything available on the market today in its simplicity, navigation and use of proven Money Risk Management principles.

JBL Risk Manager Features:
1. Trade | Position Sizing or how many shares to BUY (Long) or (Short) SELL, done automatically
2. Stop Placement automatically calculates your Stop Loss and Trailing / Profit Stop exit price
3. Integrates with your MetaStock data service for automatic daily updates with Refresh data option
4. Share Trading Diary/Journal for each trade to update and refer back to
5. Daily Share Price History and result saved for all trades
6. Long and Short Trades allowed for with independent performance reporting
7. Technical Stop entry is available in place of the automatic Trailing / Profit Stop
8. Maximum % Risk per Trade will correctly take into account all your brokerage charges
9. Limits over trading by optimizing your Trading Capital and timing
10. Set-Up Multiple portfolios and cater for all currencies & exchanges (ideal for simulated trading)
11. Pivot Points automatically calculated and updated daily, for short term analysis and trend bias
12. Portfolio/Trade Performance - Average $Win and $Loss calculated and updated each trading day
13. Portfolio/Trade %Win and %Loss Ratio calculated and updated each trading day
14. Easily view all your Open and Closed Trades/Positions
15. Show Cumulative Profit/Loss and Available Cash
16. Average Trading period for each Portfolio and trading days of each trade
17. Average $Rate of Return - Trade Expectancy
18. Total Brokerage charged for all closed trades
19. Stock Split is a very simple adjustment process, when required
20. Print all Closed Trades with updated Trading Summary Performance included
21. Compare Portfolio Performance against any Index or security, easily

JBL Risk Manager is a complex application which allows users to analyze their money risk when making an investment. Automatic Position Sizing, Initial Stop and Trailing Stop exit price calculations, Multiple Portfolios, Short & Long trades, integrates with any MetaStock format data, Brokerage fees, Stock Split Adjustment, Alerts, Portfolio & Trade Performance, Sector Risk monitoring and much more.

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The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $300.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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