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  • Date: May 18, 2011
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Easily manage your finances. The Financial Planner is designed to create a financial plan comprised of financial events which take place during your life.
To create a plan:
1. You create accounts representing your current investments, assets, equity and the return rates for each.
2. You fill out an initial values form which contains the age you wish the plan to begin and the age you wish the plan to end. Use this form to set your effective income tax rate as well as the inflation rate.
3. You assemble a Financial Scenario consisting of money related events. Each event is applied to the scenario at the event's start age until the event's end age. These events represent a deposit to or a withdrawal from one of your accounts. There is an event available which allows you to change the fundamental rates with which the scenario is calculated.
4. You run the scenario to see how your accounts are affected by the events.
5. You may alternately run a Monte Carlo Analysis to account for the volatility of investment return rates and the variability of inflation rates.

J&L Financial Planner Professional Features:
1. You can easily create a financial plan for your retirement and other personal financial planning.
2. It provides the financial planning tools you need to create a comprehensive personal financial plan.
3. You can plan for your current and future financial events.
4. You can track your investment, tax free, retirement, and other asset and equity accounts.
5. It gives you a year by year detailed retirement plan, financial plan and results report.
6. It imports your account balances from other financial software, data bases and spread sheets.
7. Export your results to spread sheets and data bases.
8. You can manage and track your credit card debt.
9. You can create up to 5 separate budgets.
10. Asset allocation withdrawal options.
11. Track your IRA Basis (after tax contributions.)
12. Find out if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you.
13. It calculates your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD.)
14. See the effects of lum-sum or periodic payments to the principal of your mortgage.
15. Revenue Code Section 529 (College Savings Plan) implemented.
16. Rule 72T withdrawals implemented.

The unregistered version of the J&L Financial Planner is limited by the number of accounts you may open. The registered version allows 50 accounts.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $139.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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