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  • Date: Sep 22, 2011
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IntelliPenny Download
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IntelliPenny is an easy to use software program to help you manage your personal or family finances. It implements a budgeting system using virtual envelopes similar to the envelope budgeting system you may have heard of in the past.
With IntelliPenny you can easily track spending; manage checking, savings, and credit card accounts all in one location; easily reconcile accounts; and import transactions from your financial institutions.
Best of all, there is no monthly fee! See more of IntelliPenny's features below.
Try IntelliPenny for free and see how easy it is to manage your finances.

IntelliPenny Key Features:
* Create a Budget Using the Envelope Budgeting System
* The Envelope Budgeting System has been around for years. Instead of using real envelopes and cash, IntelliPenny uses virtual envelopes. This way you can still pay for your bills and purchases any way you choose instead of having to use cash. You can always tell at a glance how much money is still in each envelope thus helping you manage your expenses and not spending more money than you actually have. Note: If you are not interested in using the envelope system portion of the software then don't worry. IntelliPenny is still a great tool to manage all your bank accounts and credit cards.
* Use Your Credit Card(s) Like a Debit Card
* Credit card accounts in IntelliPenny can be marked as either "paid off every month" or "carrys a balance". Credit card accounts that are paid off every month are treated like a debit card where the money is deducted from your checking account or whatever account you specify as the parent account for the card. This means at the end of the month you will already have money set aside to pay off the card.
* Online Banking
* IntelliPenny allows you to download and import transactions from your bank and credit card companies. IntelliPenny allows the following types of files for import:
* ?Quicken (*.qif)
* ?Open Financial Exchange (*.ofx) Hundreds of banks support this format.
* ?Comma-delimited (*.csv)
* ?Tab delimited (*.txt)
* ?Excel Spreadsheet (*.xls)
* Set Up Reminders For Bills and Other Important Events
* Create reminders so you are never late on a bill again. You can also set reminders for other items that are important to you like appointments, birthdays, holidays, etc.
* Wishlist
* IntelliPenny's Wishlist feature allows to to keep track of items that you would like to purchase at some future date. This helps eliminate impulse buys and allows you time to save for the items thus eliminating unnecessary debt.
* Keep Up With Bill Payments
* Payees in IntelliPenny can be marked as a 'Bill'. When you make a payment to this payee then it is tracked in IntelliPenny. You can then view which bills have been paid and which have not.
* Easy Access to External Documents and Websites
* Create links to documents, spreadsheets, websites, etc. These links are easily accessible from within IntelliPenny to help speed the time it takes to manage your finances.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $34.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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