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IntelliGantt turns Project Management in to Managable Projects. it has the most important features and adds collaboration. As important as schedules and resources are, it's also about including people and keeping the team up-to-date with communication. IntelliGantt provides rich synchronization with other IntelliGantt clients either internally with Local Workgroups or externally with Cloud Workgroups. Additionally, IntelliGantt works with major collaboration platforms like Microsofts Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office Server System 2007 and Basecamp from 37 Signals. With IntelliGantt the project manager can work interactively with the project team to make sure resources are assigned appropriately, communicate high priorities and solicit feedback. Team members can see the overall plan of the project and immediately see their own deliverables.

Amazing SharePoint & Basecamp Integration. Client Dashboards.

Multi-Project Views. Estimates & Actuals.

Advanced Costing. Resource Pool. Templates.

* IntelliGantt Benefits
* Friendly, Inviting UI
* Multi-user capability allows many IntelliGantt users to work in one project
* Advanced synchronization keeps the latest, up-to-date information in front of everyone (No More Double Entry!)
* Simple permissions with task assignments means only the people assigned to tasks may update them
* A Multi-Project View you can filter (and find overallocated resources) across projects
* Easy Templating - Any project can become a template
* Interactive Gantt Chart -- everything is drag and drop-able with dynamic feedback.
* Basecamp Integration for a streamlined approach with your team
* Local Workgroup for sharing projects on a File Server within a firewall
* Cloud Workgroup for sharing projects with anyone on the Internet
* Basic costing, or more complex costing 'Features' you can turn on or off. Sum your Cost1 - Cost10 fields from the task or from the task's assignments.
* Advanced Integration with MS Project and MindManager
* Project Tree lets you group and keep track of projects (and where they are shared)
* Resource Pool helps you quickly turn resources in to real people.
* Client side dashboard lets you review all your projects in one fell swoop.
* 'Browser View' let's you see your SharePoint or Basecamp projects right in IntelliGantt.
* Integrates with Bamboo Solutions Task Master, Project Portfolio Dashboard and PM Central for richer SharePoint Gantt charts and rollups.
* Flexible Licensing (Traditional or Periodic)

IntelliGantt is designed for groups that have outgrown spreadsheets but don't need a full-fledged enterprise project management solution.

Small business looking for more structure, medium business working with clients or consultants and departments within large organizations can all benefit from IntelliGantt's powerful sharing and synchronization features.

Up and Running Right Out of the Box

Even with several configuration options, IntelliGantt works right out of the box. Put IntelliGantt on every desktop and your team project will be up and running quickly, sharing tasks with our Local or Cloud Workgroups. IntelliGantt in a project managers hands can publish tasks and topics to SharePoint while users can update their assignments with a standard web browser.

Advanced Features Simply Presented

Multi-Project Viewing, Multi-Level Undo, Automatic Checks for Project Updates, Unread Markers for New Data, Smart Milestones, User Permissions and our newest feature: A Resource Allocation Filter identifying over-allocated resources.

More IntelliGantt Benefits

View Multiple Projects at a Time

Simply click in the checkbox by the project name in the tree view. When active, the tasks appear in the task grid and gantt chart. When not active, they don't. View any combination of projects at once and apply filters to across all projects. This lets you quickly see what projects are running at the same time, what might have conflicts and who is overallocated.

Smart Merge Technology

However you choose to share a project, IntelliGantt merges everyone's changes into one unified view. No need to wonder if you have the 'latest' version of the project. Hit the 'update' button and your changes are sent to the group while the groups changes are sent to you.

Smart Filters

IntelliGantt comes with common filters to help you quickly identify tasks based on properties and assignments. You can quickly see a 'To Do' list, what tasks are due next week, late tasks and others. You can also combine filters with one or more resources assignments and see how everyone is doing.

SharePoint, Basecamp, Cloud and Local Workgroups

IntelliGantt provides four ways to share your data:
* A Local Workgroup takes advantage of the power on everyone's desktop and the ubiquity of a simple file server. This solution is ideal for organizations that need to collaborate, but don't want to be on the Internet.
* An Cloud Workgroup also takes advantage of everyone's desktop, but connected on the Internet. If you every need to share projects with people outside your company or firewall, this is a very easy and simple way to do it.
* Basecamp is a great solution for disperse projects teams over the internet where the team doesn't want to be weighed down in minutia. Rather, they want to focus on deliverables and work with simple to-do lists, items and milestones.
* SharePoint WSS 3.0 & Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Both IntelliGantt and our IntelliGantt Add-In for MS Project publish and synchronize SharePoint Task lists. We work with standard site templates, the 'Fabulous Forty' or any custom template registered on the SharePoint server.

There are no right or wrong answers, just choose the collaboration platform that is right for you and your team. If everyone enjoys a rich desktop app and would like to help with scheduling, IntelliGantt on every desktop makes sense.

If you prefer a more traditional approach where a project manager controls the schedule, handles assignments and monitors progress, then IntelliGantt working with SharePoint and/or Basecamp makes sense. Or mix and match with your projects and teams.

Either way, everyone can reap the benefits of an IntelliGantt solution.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $259.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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