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    Email Encryption
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InstantCrypt is a entry-level PGP-standard encryption program, an encryption program using the Open PGP standard to send and receive secure email, that is, it encrypts ("scrambles") your email so that only the intended recipient can read it. It connects easily to your previously installed email or Web mail.

1. You can write e-mail like messages, encrypt them and send them via e-mail.
2. You can receive and read encrypted e-mails.
3. You can also encrypt end decrypt files alone -- either for storage or for later data exchange.

The program uses the PGP standard. Thus, this program is able (or at least should be) to exchange messages with other programs using PGP.

Written for those who occasionally, but not always, want or need to exchange encrypted emails, for those with no or only little knowledge of encryption, and for those who want to give encryption a try.

To encrypt, put the text into the upper window and a file to be encrypted into the upper right box. Make your own key visible in the upper key box and the recipients key visible in the lower key box.
Click the Encrypt button, put in the password, and the result shows up in the lower half of the form.

To decrypt, put encrypted into the lower window and a file to be encrypted into the lower right box.
Click the decrypt button, put in the password, and the result shows up in the upper half of the form. The program will show the keys used.

To manage your keys, use the main menu item "Key Management". If you want to operate on a particular key, make it visible in one of the upper key boxes. Often, you may want to open a new message for that purpose, because you cannot freely choose keys in messages that already have been encrypted or decrypted.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email encryption software.

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