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Inscro is an universal Newsticker which can be used together with Presentation software, Movie Players or in addition to the normal desktop. Displays a scrolling text line with any information you type in. It can be configured with a lot of parameters. You can set colors, size, speed, background image and more. Huge fonts are possible. For specific messages a different color can be defined. Inscro can also work together with a PowerPoint presentation, movie player or any other program running on the PC. It is easy to use, all options are explained where they appear.

It scrolls very smoothly and has a very high adaptability. Text may be colored. Images can be integrated, fonts can be set: size, color, font set, effects like outline, shadow and color gradient.

Messages can be actualized at any time, even over the network/internet. RSS Newsfeeds can be read. Inscro is particularly suitable for intranet messaging.

Inscro has got a lot of configuration options. They are described in the program. So the best way to find out is to try it.
1. very smooth scrolling
2. RSS feeds
3. own messages
4. any font/size/color
5. color control in messages
6. scrolling images like photos or symbols
7. hyperlinks
8. texts and images can be entered directly or stored on the network/internet
9. design options
10. enhanced font options: outline, shadow and color gradient
11. network mode: use a ticker network in which any user can type news which will appear on all or some screens
12. Desktop resizeable, so that no window is overlapped
13. logo permanently displayable
14. can stay always in front
15. fixed messages
16. date and time
17. presentation mode: easily set up a presentation with images and synchronized scrolling text
18. presentation control: activate and control a presentation (like PowerPoint)
19. mix up own messages and RSS-feeds
20. webfile: control your messages from any internet PC
21. mouse deactivateable, for use in public areas
22. edit the message divider +++ and use an image instead (e.g. your logo)
23. autostart
24. quick set up
25. scheduled activation
26. font antialiasing
27. automatic hiding when no message is to be displayed
28. limit messages per RSS-feed
29. show RSS-feed title in a different color
30. use an external monitor
31. transparent ticker tape

Text effects like shadow and outline are available.
The messages may be entered directly or can be read from a file. Supported formats are plain text, RSS-Feeds and HTML. The file may be stored locally or on the network/internet. With this feature the ticker can be remote controlled.
A custom logo can be displayed in the ticker. A message divider is setable and may also be an image.

A simultanously running presentation can be controlled with some simple control codes. They simulate a key press, so the next or a specified page of the presentation can be set and so the text be synchronized! The presentation also can be activated automatically when Inscro starts.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $69.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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