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  • Date: May 27, 2010
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Free Download InfoMagic Extra 2.1.50 T

A Personal Memory Aid and Organizer for People Who Hate to Organize. InfoMagic is a Personal Memory Aid. I'm an old guy with a bad memory. InfoMagic remembers for me. I made InfoMagic for my own needs, and distributed it free for several years. It's an organizer for people who hate to organize. It's the computer equivalent of throwing everything into a junk drawer, then when you need something, just say (type) it's name and it jumps out of the drawer into your hand. It's the simplest, most straightforward, freeform way to keep track of the bits and pieces of facts, data and information that swirl around your everyday life. It lets you quickly locate any fact you've saved. It's not just another electric calendar, it's a real Personal Information Manager. There's no trying to conform to somebody else's idea of how to organize information or trying to fit your data into their forms. If you have a neat desk and need structure in your life you probably won't like it, but if you're something of a nonconformist or your desk looks like mine and Andy Rooney's you'll love it. It uses an open, universal structure, making it easy to switch to other information managers in the future. The Phone Dialer facility alone is worth the price of the program. Most people never realize the potential of this feature.
InfoMagic became popular, and as a result, I got many requests for features and enhancements. In response to these requests I spent some months adding many requested features and now offer the enhanced version for sale as InfoMagic Extra.
I continue to refer to the personal memory aid aspect as InfoMagic and call the Calendar / Appointments / To-Do facility, Magic Reminder. The enhanced InfoMagic (many additional features), plus Magic Reminder, make up InfoMagic Extra.

Features include:
* Jot Random Fact, Numbers, Names, Dates, etc., Ad-Lib, Without Organization
* Retrieve Saved Facts Quickly and Easily
* Fast Search/Find Lookup
* Scheduler & Prompter for Daily Activities, Appointments & ToDos
List of Today's Activities/Appointments/ToDos is Displayed at Bootup
Popup Alerts With Optional Alarm to Notify You of Appointments and Scheduled Activities
Gives Advance Warning of Approaching Events. For example, Dentist appointment tomorrow or Staff meeting in 45 Minutes or Aunt Edna comes next week
Stores Recurring Activities Such As Birthdays, Monthly Club Meetings, etc.
Has Snooze Feature To Tell It "Remind me again in 10 minutes"
Choice of Alarm Sounds
Print Today's Activity/Appointment List
Keeps A History of Completed One-Time Activities
* Password Protection - Encryption
* Web URL & Email Launching
Acts As A Super Bookmarks/Favorites List, Letting You Keep In One Place, User Names & Passwords Along With Names & Email Address of Contacts, Plus Notes/Facts All Associated With A Web Addresses -- Password Protecting Them If Necessary.
Launches any File on Your Computer to It's Associated Application
Double-Clicking URL launches it.
* Flashback - Return to Last Location
* Autodialer -- This feature alone is worth the price of the program.
Dial Phone Numbers (Double-Click on any number you want to dial)
Add Custom Prefixes Such As 10-10 numbers, *70 to Disable Call-Waiting, "1" to Long Distance #'s, etc.
Dial Account and Credit Card Numbers to Check Transactions & Balances
Dial Prescription Numbers into Pharmacy Auto Answerers
Has Call Timer
Double-Clicking on number in document inserts it in and starts dialer
Warns If Calling Outside You Long-Distance Calling Area (US & Canada)

* Rich Text Formatting permitting:
Choice of Fonts & Font Sizes
Mixing Fonts & Font Sizes
Colored Text & Background
Bold, Italics, Underline
Including Pictures if Documents

* Document Sorter -- Sorts Documents Line-By-Line
* Backup Facility that Supports Backing Up and Restoring InfoMagic Extra Documents & Magic Reminder Activities To/From:
Anywhere on your current drive
Another Drive
* Printing Facility With Choice of Printers
* Ability to Drag & Drop Text & Rich Text Files Onto An InfoMagic Shortcut
* Ability to Drag & Drop File Lists From Windows Explorer Into A document For Launching to their Associated Applications.
* A Format Cleanup Tool for Text Copied/Pasted from Emails, Web Pages,
Removes Quote Marks ( > ) From Emails
Corrects Poorly Wrapped Lines From Emails
Removes Leading Spaces From Email & Text Copied From Web Pages
* Password Generator/Creator -- Generates:
Word Based Passwords
Alpha-Numeric Passwords
Alphabetic Passwords
Numeric Passwords
Option to Mix-In Symbols and Uppercase
* Date & Time Stamp using Windows Regional Format
* Content Separator
* Automatic or Manual URL Marking/Highlighting
* Uses universal file formats (txt or rtf), so InfoMagic documents can be used directly in other applications.
* Format Converter -- Converts InfoMagic Plain Text (.txt) documents to Rich Text (.rtf) and Vice Versa

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $28.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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