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  • Date: Nov 11, 2016
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Free Download Indigo Renderer 3.8.37

Indigo Renderer is a stand-alone unbiased renderer. It takes 3D scenes generated in a modelling package and creates a photorealistic visualization of the scene. Indigo uses unbiased rendering technologies to create the most absolutely realistic visualization possible with current technology. Unbiased rendering means that Indigo uses the equations that model the behaviour of light, with no approximations or guesses taken. By accurately modelling all the interactions of light, Indigo can produce effects such as:
1. Depth of Field - as when a camera is focussed on one object and the background is blurred
2. Spectral effects - as when a beam of light goes through a prism and a rainbow of colours is produced
3. Refraction - as when light enters a pool of water and the objects in the pool seem to be "bent"
4. Reflections - from subtle reflections on a polished concrete floor, to the pure reflection of a silvered mirror
5. Caustics - as in light that has been focussed through a magnifying glass and has made a pattern of brightness on the floor

Indigo is designed to be independent of the modelling package you use, and uses its own file format, called an Indigo Scene File (.igs extension). To create an .igs file, you need to use an Exporter, a plugin for your modelling package that can output .igs files.
The exporters are complex pieces of software in their own right and it is recommended you read your exporter manual after you have finished looking through this document.
At the time of printing, Indigo has exporters for the following software:
1. 3ds Max
2. Blender
3. Cinema 4D
4. Google Sketchup

Main Features of Indigo Renderer:
1. Accurate light simulation
2. Material creation
3. Realistic camera
4. Consistent results
5. Physical materials
6. Realistic lights
7. Light layers
8. Types of lighting
9. Sun & Sky
10. Accurate metals
11. Motion Blur
12. Film control
13. Multi-platform
14. Large scenes
15. High performance

SoftSea Editor's Note: Indigo Renderer can support Windows x64 system, 64-bit OS users can download the 64-bit from author website.

You are welcome to learn Indigo 2.0 and use it for non-commercial renders without paying for a licence. The following restrictions are present in the free version of Indigo:
1. Maximum resolution of 0.7 Megapixels - e.g. 1000 pixels by 700 pixels.
2. Indigo logo in the bottom right of the image
3. May not be used for commercial work.
4. No support (beyond that given in the forums at

SoftSea Editor's Note: Indigo Renderer 2.0 may not be used for commercial work. If you need to create renders at higher resolutions or produce renders as part of your business, then you need to buy a commercial licence for Indigo.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR 595.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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