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InBoxer Anti-Spam for Outlook Download
Free Download InBoxer Anti-Spam for Outlook 2.4.3

This Outlook e-mail filter can block spam and junk e-mail. It builds unique filters that define good messages and junk messages for each user, based on his or her mail folders. It uses Bayesian and other advanced language analysis techniques to filter the e-mail. The user can also define trusted senders and companies. Questionable messages are placed in a review folder, and messages are never automatically deleted. Should InBoxer make a mistake, one button click corrects it.

The InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance is an industry-leading intelligent archiving and compliance monitoring system that speeds up investigations, reduces litigation costs, manages compliance policies, cuts IT operational expenses and reduces business risk.

The virtual appliance edition uses the same software as our hardware appliance and hosted editions, but adds the benefits of VMware virutalization: lower overall capital costs, reduced operational expenses, energy efficiencies, reduced obsolesence, and easily expandable storage.

Message Types
1. Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, First Class, Kerio, UNIX POP3, and more.
2. Bloomberg Messaging, AIM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk, ICQ, IBM Lotus Sametime, Windows LiveMessenger, and more.
3. Archives messages from multiple servers and multiple message types simultaneously.
4. Archives inbound, outbound, and internal messages.

Archive Capabilities
1. Reliable "never miss a message," low overhead, journal based copies.
2. Message compression.
3. Single instance message storage.
4. Time-based retention schedule.

Basic Search Capabilities
1. Search and retrieve messages by date.
2. See results of messages on screen (from, to, date and subject).
3. Download messages via zip file.
4. Automatic Litigation Hold prevents deletion of messages that have been downloaded.

Advanced Search Capabilities
1. Full text index of the entire message, including body, headers, metatext, and attachments.
2. Search text in any attachment, including Microsoft Office, PDF, ZIP files, and more.
3. Use the "search engine style" interface to quickly search through messages for key words, code names, phrases, senders, recipients, and more.
4. Search key words and phrases using:
* Exact match
* Single or multiple character wildcards
* Boolean expressions
* Proximity search (within x words)
* Fuzzy search (similar spelling)
* Complex, multi-step search

Power Search Capabilities
1. Pre-Search advanced language technology speeds retrieval of the 80+ items searched most often, e.g., senders, recipients, social security numbers, confidential information, and offensive content.
2. Define simple or complex patterns, such as company-specific account numbers. No need to modify templates or to take a training course to use them.
3. Simply click on the message subject line in the dashboard to see the entire message, including headers and attachments, with risk scores and potential problems highlighted.
4. Saved searches: Run a search once and set it to run again at defined intervals.

Reports, Alarms, and Warnings
1. Any search can be saved as a scheduled report that is prepared daily, weekly or monthly on the date you select.
2. Any Pre-Search result may be turned into a real-time alert sent with a custom message. Alerts may be sent to any of the following:
* Message sender.
* Message recipients.
* Company official, such as an HR professional, compliance officer, legal department, etc.

Compliance Risk Coverage
Scores messages and allows you to monitor a broad range of risks, including the following:
1. Objectionable / Acceptable Use (Harassment and EEOC regulations).
2. Personal content.
3. Privacy violations (Personally identifiable information), such as account, social security, and credit card numbers (CA SB 1386, MA 201 CMR 17, and laws in more than 30 states).
4. Confidential documents and intellectual property leaks.
5. Medical terminology (to demonstrate HIPAA compliance).
6. Productivity wasters.
7. Excessive network traffic (document sizes, attachment types, etc.).
8. Financial regulations (FINRA, SEC).
9. Violations of communications restrictions (for example, the so-called "Chinese Wall" between certain departments).

Identify Risky Behavior Before It Becomes a Problem
After selecting the risks you wish to monitor, you can sort and analyze the data the way you want. Some choices include the following:
1. Top Senders by Risk.
2. Top Recipients by Risk.
3. Top Recipient Domains by Risk.
4. Top Categorized Message (such as sorting by Objectionable Content score).
5. Most Recent Problem Messages by Risk.
6. By message size.

You may also choose to sort and analyze all messages or select date ranges for analysis and comparison.

Built-in Discovery Module
1. Any search result can be added to Discovery Module and tagged by case name or other identifier.
2. Review and tagging module for litigation support. Messages may be marked as responsive, not responsive, or for further review.
3. Notes may be associated with messages.
4. Export of selected messages or tagged messages via zip file for most litigation support systems.
5. Messages are never altered. All identifiers, tags and notes are kept in a separate file.

Built-in Compliance Supervision Module
1. Random message selection based on customer selected precentage.
2. Random messages are selected when the messages are received so that the same random set can be retrieved in the future.
3. Review and tagging module for supervision. Allows supervisors to add notes and mark messages for further review.
4. Export of selected messages or tagged messages via zip file.
5. Messages are never altered. All identifiers, tags and notes are kept in a separate file.

WORM (Optical) Storage
Write-once storage to meet regulatory requirements to prove that messages have not been changed or altered. Messages are stored in our secure data center with a back-up site licated a thousand miles away. All data is stored within the United States and is subject to one of the strictest state privacy laws in the nation.

Get Started in Minutes
InBoxer will be up and running before some other companies can finish their assessment. No client or server software needs to be installed and no vendor assessment is necessary.

Available as Dell-based Archiving Appliance
Select the hardware appliance for top performance. InBoxer uses only fast, EPA Energy Star certified Dell servers with Dell on-site hardware support (where available).

Available as a VMware Virtual Archiving Appliance
Select a VMware virtual appliance for lower cost and greater on-site flexibility. In addition to the usual benefits of virtualization, a virtual appliance enables users to increase storage as it is needed instead of purchasing all at once.

Available with Secure Data Center Hosting
Select secure data center hosting on your a private hosted cloud to minimize capital expense and have unlimited storage expansion. InBoxer will host email archiving, store it, and protect it in secure data storage facilities located in the United States. Each company gets its own virtual server with optional WORM storage and data is never co-mingled.

1. Policy based, real-time monitoring
2. Automated warnings to sender, recipient, or management for policy violations
3. Random sampling and review
4. Pre-defined policy categories (80+)
5. Customer defined policy categories for watch list, key word, domain, and more
6. Regulatory Compliance monitoring (SEC, FINRA, SOX, FRCP, PCI, etc.)

1. VMware virtual appliance
2. Dell EPA-certified Energy Star hardware appliance
3. Private cloud hosted

1. Pre-Search for ultra-fast retrieval
2. GoTheDistance Software Updates,includes all updates and new versions
3. GoTheDistance Active Monitoring remotely diagnoses and solves problems

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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