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Import music with album art into iTunes on Windows. iTunes album art importer for Windows is a command line script that imports music and album art into iTunes on Windows.

Usage: working_directory [-s] [-d directory] [-rd directory] [-r directory] [-rr directory]

current working directory
Sync iTunes with the current state of the file system. If files have been moved or deleted remove them from itunes
Add a directory of files to iTunes.
Recursively add files within a directory to iTunes.
Remove a directory of files from iTunes.
Recursively remove files within a directory from iTunes.

For each track added to iTunes the script searches for artwork associated with the track using the following steps...
1.Use artwork with the same filename (minus the file extension) as the track. For example, the artwork somesong.jpg would be added for somesong.mp3.
2.If no song specific artwork exists use the first image file in the directory containing the track. For example, music/someartist/somealbum/folder.jpg would be added for music/someartist/somealbum/somesong.mp3.
3.If no artwork is in the track's folder each parent folder containing the track is searched for an image file to associate with the song. For example, music/someartist/someartist.jpg would be used for music/someartist/somealbum/somesong.mp3

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this ipod software.

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