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  • Date: Jan 08, 2010
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Idlebackup Download
Free Download Idlebackup 1.18

Idlebackup is an easy to use backup program. Ideal for data, photos, mp3s,documents. Can make a manual or automatic backup (at set interval times) during idle time of the computer. If an automatic backup is busy, it will stop when the user presses a key or a mouse click. As soon as the computer is idle again for some time it restarts an eventually pending backup job.

Idlebackup Features
1. Easy to use backup program also suited for non-advanced users.
2. Easy restore, select directories and/or files to restore.
3. Incremental backup, selected directories and files are copied to a set backup path (1:1). The first backup is a full backup, then each next backup will copy only changed files, no files are deleted (if option "Synchronize backup" is set to off).
4. Option "Synchronize backup" can remove unused files, so only files that are also present on the source hard-disk are kept. See backup description.
5. Manual or Automatic backup (with a set interval time) during idle time of the computer.
6. In Automatic mode Idlebackup will work invisibly in the background, and only if idle (no keys,mouse actions detected). Status is visible by icon color in sytem tray
7. After a manually started backup, you can select to shutdown Windows
8. Can also copy large files > 2Gb.
9. Backup mail data of Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express (see site, usage examples)
10. Backup medium = hard-disk/usb-stick/usb-drive or network.
11. Normal windows installation/deinstallation.
12. With backup option 3 (computer name in backup path) suited for making backups from multiple computers to one external storage (USB-hard-disk).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this data backup software.

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