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  • Date: Sep 09, 2010
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ITG Icon Builder Download
Free Download ITG Icon Builder 1.0.0

ITG Icon Builder is a light weight, friendly software which allows user to create, manipulate ICON File Format (*.ico).

ITG Icon Builder also allows user to extract icon resources from executable file (*.exe) and dynamic link library (*.dll)

Moreover, the software provides import and export functions which allow user to import/export images of common formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG) to and from an ICON file.

In order to make the application as simple as possible for users, ITG Icon Builder using a strict function control algorism, this prevents user from making any kind of mistakes in process of manipulating icons. Therefore, using ITG Icon Builder is simple, safe and powerful.

ICON size and format
ITG Icon Builder 1.0.0 supports icon's entries with following size:
1. 16 x 16 pixels
2. 32 x 32 pixels
3. 48 x 48 pixels
4. 64 x 64 pixels
5. 128 x 128 pixels
6. 256 x 256 pixels

ITG Icon Builder 1.0.0 supports following pixel format for icon's entries:
* 4 bits per pixel (indexed color)
* 8 bits per pixel (indexed color)
* 32 bits per pixel (ARGB)

The application consists of following components:
1. Main menu allows user to open/save/import/export icon and images from and to current opening icon.
2. Preview Box allows user to preview icon's entries
3. Entry List Box lists entries of current opening icon.
4. Entry Size Panel allows user to manipulate icon's entries size
5. Color Depth Panel allows user to manipulate icon's entries' pixel format
6. Control Buttons allows user to apply changes to icon's entries, remove entry from icon and export them to other image formats.

By click to File button in Main Menu, user could access following functions:
1. Create new Icon File (click New button)
2. Open an Icon File (click Open button)
3. Save an Icon File (click Save button). This function is only enabled after user makes change to a current opening icon.
4. Save an Icon to another file (click Save As button). This function is only enabled when the current opening icon contains at least one entry.
5. Import an icon's entry to current opening icon (click Import Entry button). The imported file could be images (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, *.gif), icon files (*.ico) or application files (*.exe, *.dll).
6. Remove an entry from current opening icon (click Remove Entry button). This function is only enabled when an entry of current opening icon is selected in Entry List Box.
7. Close the application (click Exit button).

* NET Framework

* Limited set of features

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $110.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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