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  • Date: Jun 20, 2010
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    FlowChart & Diagram
ISS Smart Flow Download
Free Download ISS Smart Flow 1.9.4 Professional Version

Smart Flow is the ISS internally-used workflow and document management system. It is aimed to the managers who need their daily work neatly organized, and the information easily available.

Smart Flow organizes everyday work and documents into categories, work processes and tasks, which include all related data, documents, contacts, and notes. The scanned documents, the references to paper documents and the links to files and Internet pages are treated as all other documents.

Smart Flow provides automatic filling-in of frequently used electronic documents, by using document templates and separating the data from the documents. The frequently used work processes could be easily separated as workflow templates.

Smart Flow includes a shared scheduler for appointments, available to all users of the same server. The scheduler works similarly to Outlook Calendar, but it is multi-user and includes appointment reminders, recurrence patterns, etc. Smart Flow provides also internal messaging and notification system to all users of the same server.

Last but not least, Smart Flow has strong security, confidentiality and back-up features. All categories, work processes, tasks, appointments, documents and data are subject to security limitations. They are available only to the users with sufficient rights.

1. Eases the management of the company or organization
2. Neatly organizes the work processes, tasks and documents within categories
3. Makes the management of the work flows and the document flows clearer
4. Automates the filling-in of frequently used documents with data
5. Includes a shared calendar of appointments for all users of the same server
6. Sends automatic notification messages for specific events to the interested users
7. Includes an internal messaging system for all users of the same server
8. Allows the creation of custom data entry forms for specific categories
9. Provides multi-level security for the categories, work processes, appointments and documents
10. Allows the quick backup and restore of the confidential information

* .Net Framework

1. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
2. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition
3. Firebird 2.0 SQL Server
4. Windows Jet Database

Freeware Version:
Freeware version is fully functional, but limited to one user. five categories, ten work processes, ten contacts, five appointments, and subject to further limitations. Customer support for freeware version is limited to bug-fixes only.

Professional Version ($99.95):
Professional version is fully functional, not limited for number of users, categories or something else. Customers of professional version, including trial usages, are fully supported by ISS Support Dept.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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