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Are you a network administrator of your company who take the responsibility of monitoring the performance and security of the whole network? Do you tired of these multifarious and complicated jobs day to day? However, all will become comfortable if you use a network performance monitor. All need we do is to open our network performance monitor application and it will do the rest for us. Now I will show an excellent and popular network performance monitor utility to you. That is IPHost Network Monitor, which came from ITelSib Ltd. Following are the detailed introductions of it. Come on with me and experience the features and benefits of this network performance monitor now!

IPHost Network Monitor is a reliable network and server monitoring software that allows availability and performance monitoring of web sites and applications, mail, db and other servers, various network resources and equipment using industry standard SNMP (on UNIX/Linux/Mac) and WMI (on Windows). It supports all common protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING, and others. If a network resource becomes unavailable, we can be notified by email, network message, instant messenger, SMS or program execution. The program provides a client application for configuration as well as a password protected browser based interface to access the monitoring status and online reports. The key functions and advantages of this powerful network performance monitor utility include:

IPHost Network Monitor provides constant monitoring of our network's services and resources that are critically important for our company. Unlike many monitoring tools IPHost Network Monitor checks not only the availability of a resource but also its operability and performance characteristics.

IPHost Network Monitor supports different methods of automatic reaction to undesirable changes on the resources and systems being monitored. The actions are tied to the monitors and are activated when a monitor transition to one of the undesirable states occurs and to the restoration of the resource performance after problem elimination. The basic variant of IPHost Network Monitor's reaction to problem states is sending a message with information on the problem; e-mail notifications, sending a message to another computer, and displaying a message in the dialogue window are supported. Methods of reaction based on program start provide additional possibilities. With the help of such actions one can implement any method of reacting to a problem state: ranging from starting/stopping of a service on a remote machine to rebooting.

IPHost Network Monitor provides a set of group and detailed reports and graphs as well as logs. The reports give us information necessary to trace the trends in resource utilization and plan upgrades, besides, the reports and logs provide the possibility to trace the results over a certain period of time; also, the reports may be used as a basis of accounting for the results of the administrators' work. In IPHost Network Monitor there are two variants of accessing reports on monitoring: Reports in Windows interface - The Windows UI allows us to access to detailed reports for each monitor and to summary reports for groups and categories. Web-interface - Apart from the main Windows UI, IPHost Network Monitor also has a Web UI to access additional types/forms of reports for any period of time.

IPHost Network Monitor provides us with two interfaces: A monitoring client (Windows UI) lets us view and change the monitoring system configuration and to view most of reports, graphs, and logs. A Web interface (Web UI) enables us to view the current state of monitored resources or reports and graphs showing monitoring results for any period of time from any web-enabled device (i.e. with web-browser). The Windows interface of IPHost Network Monitor (also called a client GUI) provides a way for us to start, stop and configure network monitoring, obtain and analyze the results of monitoring and state change notifications. The IPHost client GUI displays all monitoring configuration controls, monitoring results and logs on one screen. This design is intended to save our time.

Overall, IPHost Network Monitor is a necessary tool for them who have requirement of network monitoring. Are you looking for a network performance monitor utility vexedly? Then, don't miss this god-given chance! Get IPHost Network Monitor and try it now!

IPHost Network Monitor is a reliable network and server monitoring tool. With this software you can keep track of your mail servers, internet hosts, database servers, and other network resources availability and performance. You can monitor any performance counter on remote Windows servers and workstations via WMI. Supported protocols are: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING, and others.

IPHost Network Monitor is usable and affordable Windows software that facilitates the task of detection and elimination of failures and problems with your network and network equipment, servers, workstations and critical applications installed on them. IPHost Monitor enables you to reduce downtime (or slowdown time) because the system administrator and other concerned parties get prompt information on network resource inaccessibility or critical application performance problems. Detailed information helps to recover from the failure or remedy the performance problem quickly. With IPHost Network Monitor you can also setup actions for automatic failure recovery. Web-enabled reporting lets you monitor your network resources via a web browser to take a quick look at the state, problems and trends. IPHost Monitor does not require expensive hardware and can run at full power on a typical workstation.

To maintain the availability and performance of the network, servers and applications, to plan upgrades and maintenance, the administrator should get real time data and reports on the actual state of the enterprise's IT infrastructure. IPHost Network Monitor provides you with a suitable and affordable solution for network, servers and applications monitoring. This tool suits both the professional administrators and all those who perform administrator's tasks from time to time. The tool is quick and easy to set up and use. IPHost Network Monitor is efficient even when a company does not employ a full-time administrator. User interface has been developed keeping in mind that all significant information should be accessible on one screen.

IPHost Monitor provides you with a number of monitoring features that let you monitor almost all critical enterprise servers and applications. The tool checks the availability and performance characteristics of the monitored network resources simultaneously. IPHost Monitor automatically searches the network servers, workstations and other equipment, and detects the network services running on them. Regular network rediscoveries facilitate the tasks of adding new monitors and of tracking equipment relocation/presence.

The list of monitor types available in the current version of IPHost Network Monitor:
Basic connectivity Network connectivity check and simple operability (availability) check of network services. PING TCP UDP

Mail Performance and availability of various mail servers, for instance Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Unix-based and others. POP3 IMAP SMTP

Internet Performance and availability of web sites and web applications both intranet and internet, FTP servers. HTTP(S) FTP
Resources Check for the availability and current state of network resources. Disc space File Windows service
WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) Universal method of requesting information about the performance and other characteristics of Windows systems and applications. WMI
Databases Availability and performance characteristics of different database servers. Generic (ODBC)

Adjustable alerting and actions
IPHost Networks Monitor reacts to monitored resource inaccessibility or poor performance by one of the following actions: sends e-mail messages with an issue description to the concerned parties, sends netsend messages, shows a pop-up window or a balloon with the message or runs a user-specified program or a batch file. Thus you can not only receive prompt information on the encountered defect but also get the tool to automatically correct the problem of a monitored resource. IPHost Networks Monitor allows you to create flexible alerting configurations based on two levels of performance (performance warning and performance alert) and availability (down and extended down) provided for each monitor or a group of monitors. The action profile can be specific to a monitor or common for a group of monitors.

Web-enabled reporting

Summary reports for the total network resources or for a group of monitors let you easily locate problem resources at a glance. A detailed report for a specific monitor provides you with the complete information on all events that occurred during a selected period of time, which helps you to identify the cause of the problem. All reports in IPHost Network Monitor are in HTML so you can easily send them to your colleagues or superiors. Each report is also accessible in a browser by a specific URL. A regular daily/weekly/monthly reporting feature lets you monitor trends and create reports for your manager.

The complete monitoring data is stored in a relational database (Firebird). You can use this information for creating custom reports.

IPHost Monitor Features: Automatic Network Discovery
With automatic network discovery IPHost Network Monitor helps you to create a basis of your monitoring configuration. Discovery detects network hosts and identifies TCP services on them. IPHost Monitor can discover hosts and TCP services using ICMP PING, HTTP(S), FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Telnet, plus you can select additional custom ports to check. Monitors for databases, disc space, processor usage and others you can add manually. Default monitoring and alerting settings let you start monitoring with minimum changes. Regular rediscoveries help you to equipment relocation/presence tracking

Monitoring Features Here you can find the list of monitor types supported in IPHost Network Monitor and brief description of their parameters.

Actions Features Here you can find the list of action types (ways of reaction to the problems happened during monitoring) available in IPHost Network Monitor, and their brief description.

Reporting Features Here you can find the list of report types available in IPHost Network Monitor with brief descriptions.

IPHost Network Monitor interfaces
and structure Here you can find an overview of IPHost Network Monitor components, Windows and web interfaces.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $199, you can free download and get a free trial.

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