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  • Date: Jun 06, 2011
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    LAN Messenger
IMPOMEZIA Simple Chat Download
Free Download IMPOMEZIA Simple Chat Beta

IMPOMEZIA Simple Chat is a local network chat client written in Qt/C++. A cross-platform client-server chat for local networks and the Internet with the possibility of individual settings for a specific network.
IMPOMEZIA Simple Chat is written in Qt/C++ and features a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.

IMPOMEZIA Simple Chat Features:
1. Automatic Updates.
2. Rapid insertion of sent messages.
3. Logging of all messages.
4. Visual (WYSIWYG) format sends the text.
5. Pop-up windows for notification messages.
6. Built-in commands.
7. Graphical program to manage and configure the server.
8. Sound notification.
9. Changing the source and other information without breaking the connection.
10. Cross-platform.
11. Sending a multiline message.
12. Override default settings.
13. Support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy.
14. Support for animated emoticons popular formats.
15. Full support for Unicode.
16. Pre-configure the network.
17. Simple compact and very fast protocol messaging and presence information.
18. Work as a Windows service.
19. Work through the Internet.
20. Distributed network of servers.
21. Convenient privates in separate tabs.
22. Install without administrator rights.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this lan messenger software.

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