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IGetMail Download
Free Download IGetMail 3.3

IGetMail is a Windows utility that automatically downloads POP3 email messages from multiple remote servers to a
single, local Microsoft Exchange Server.
When you have a Microsoft Exchange Server AND you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your company's Internet domain or website, you will experience an email routing problem. Your employees incoming email messages are sent to the ISP s email servers. Microsoft Exchange Server does not automatically fetch mail from remote servers. So, your messages are stored on your ISP s servers until you pull the messages down.
IGetMail solves this email routing problem for you. It automatically connects to the ISP, retrieves, and forwards email messages to your local Exchange Server. IGetMail runs according to a time schedule that you define - checking for mail as fast as every 20 seconds. Now your Exchange Server can complete its job and route your email accordingly.
Does your company have more than one Internet domain? Maybe you have several and you need to download all the email sent to not just one, but several Internet domains. Or do you have users set up with individual accounts at third party email suppliers? You can use IGetMail to download this email that is stored on remote servers and have it automatically sent to your Exchange Server.

IGetMail systematically performs the following tasks:
* Checks for new emails at multiple remote servers as fast as every 20 seconds. IGetMail initiates connections with one or multiple remote servers to see if you have any new messages. You can define different schedules to check for new incoming email. IGetMail can pull email from multiple accounts simultaneously so you get your email fast.
* Downloads & stores your new email messages. When IGetMail finds new messages, it downloads them from the remote email servers. IGetMail stores a copy of these messages in order to deliver them immediately to your Exchange Server. And IGetMail can replay messages if your Exchange Server experiences any interruption in service.
* Sorts & sends new messages to your local SMTP / Exchange Server. IGetMail can sort the email before delivery to your local Exchange Server. This is important because Exchange Server requires that the messages be presorted. After sorting, IGetMail sends the messages to your Exchange Server which in turn, delivers them to the appropriate email accounts.

IGetMail Features & Benefits:
* Automatically Downloads Remote POP3 Email - IGetMail is a Windows utility that you install on your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000 or Exchange 5.5 Server to automatically download POP3 email from remote email servers to your local Exchange Server. Centralize the collection of all your email by using IGetMail to pull your remote email and deliver it to your local Exchange Server.
* Safe & Reliable to lnstall on Your Exchange Server - IGetMail will not alter your existing Exchange Server configuration. IGetMail is resource friendly; it does not consume a lot of CPU or RAM and IGetMail does not install any SQL Servers or .NET components so your Exchange Server will not be altered by installing IGetMail.
* Bridge the Gap Between Your Web Hosting Company and Your Local Exchange Server - When your website resides at a hosting company, you need a way to fetch the email that gets delivered to your hosting company. Exchange Server will not do this for you - but IGetMail can. IGetMail logs into your hosting company's email server, pulls the email for your Internet domain, and delivers the messages to your local Exchange Server.
* Downloads POP3 Email from Multiple Remote Servers - Do you have users that receive email under a Yahoo mail address and users that receive email under a Gmail address? No problem. Use IGetMail's Accounts panel to setup your list of POP3 accounts and IGetMail will pull the mail from each account in the order you define.
* Downloads POP3 Email from Multiple Email Accounts - Maybe you have several employees that receive mail under separate, unique Yahoo mail addresses. IGetMail can download these email messages for you, according to the downloading schedules that you define. When you need to add a POP3 account to the list, just go to the Accounts panel and press the Add button and IGetMail will walk you through inputting all the information you need to provide so IGetMail can start automatically downloading email for you.
* Checks for Email as Frequently as Every 20 Seconds - Tired of the SLOW email downloading performed by the built-in POP3 Connector that comes with Small Business Server 2003. Then you really need to try IGetMail! IGetMail's new scheduler can run up to every 20 seconds to check for new email.
* Flexible Scheduler The scheduler has been expanded, allowing you to define as many schedules as you want. You can define how fast IGetMail checks for new email. You can have schedules with different rates at which the checks occur, at different times of the day and on different days of the week. For example, you can configure IGetMail to check for email very frequently during business hours; less frequently in the evenings; and occasionally on the weekends.
* Sorts Your Incoming Mail by Recipient ?When your hosting company has configured your email account as a "Catch-All" account, IGetMail can login to your catch-all account and sort the messages by recipient - as required by your local Exchange Server.
* Concurrent Email Download - IGetMail can pull email from multiple email accounts at the same time. If one account has a large message, it will not stop the rest of your accounts from receiving their email.
* SSL Support - IGetMail now supports SSL access to both POP3 and SMTP servers. SSL support allows IGetMail to pull email from Gmail accounts and from ISPs that require SSL encryption.
* SMTP Authentication - Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are requiring SMTP authentication in order to send messages using their service. IGetMail Version 3.0 now supports SMTP authentication. If your email server requires authenticated login, IGetMail can now log in to deliver the email.
* Leave Email at the POP3 Server - You can now instruct IGetMail to leave email at your POP3 servers. This is handy for users and employees who want to access their email through their office computer and their laptop when they are out of the office. Note that some POP3 servers do not support this feature, so it is dependent on the POP3 email server. Yahoo and Exchange fully support this feature. If you activate this feature with a Gmail account, Gmail keeps the email forever so you have to use a browser to delete the email periodically.
* Define Rules to Streamline Email Processing - You can now specify simple rules for IGetMail to use to process your messages. Rules are used to correct for extra information that your ISP may insert in your email that generate non-delivery-reports. You can also include instructions to exclude specific addresses, do not deliver messages, forward messages, etc. The rules allow you to automate the process of correcting common problems; the rules feature is not intended to replace an anti-spam nor anti-virus solution.
* Replay Message Delivery - IGetMail now keeps a copy of the recently downloaded email messages. This gives you the opportunity to redeliver messages if needed. If you make a change in your configuration information, you can tell IGetMail to redeliver certain messages using the corrected or changed configuration. This is very helpful when you initially setup IGetMail or your email server so you do not lose any messages.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $79.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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