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  • Version: 1.31.10
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  • Date: Feb 12, 2014
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    Card & Label Design
IBA Bingo Flashboard Download
Free Download IBA Bingo Flashboard 1.31.10

IBA Bingo Flashboard is a Virtual Bingo Flashboard that can be used with a projector to display the current pattern along with the numbers called out on the number sheet. Software includes an automatic voice caller. Software saves your voice by speaking the bingo numbers for you. You can adjust the speed of the caller. Use IBA Bingo Card Maker to print bingo cards and then use this software to check them for a valid win. You may even download a IBA Bingo Card Maker project directly from our website and print the bingo cards directly from this software.

If you can not afford or do not wish to pay thousands of dollars for traditional bingo flashboards, bingo blowers, & bingo cages and you have access to a projector and a computer then IBA Bingo Flashboard is the prefect software for you.

Many organizations already have some form of projector for other purposes, however, if you add a computer and IBA Bingo Flashboard to your business you can have a fully functional software bingo flashboard and software bingo blower (cage) for your event. IBA Bingo Flashboard even has its own built in voice caller which can call the numbers for you. You may use this feature or your own caller if you prefer.

1. Designed for use on a projector via a computer.
2. Pattern appears on screen.
3. Master Sheet appears on screen.
4. Reward, Current Round etc are all displayed on screen. (You can also display other optional information)
5. Automatic or Manual Calling.
6. Voice Caller
7. 64 bit random number formula. 18 Quintillion (E) seeds. (The more seeds, the longer length of play without sequence duplication. 18E seeds provides over 100 Quadrillion 75 ball bingo games without duplication)
8. Power Outage Restore. Restores your last game in case of a major computer failure or power outage. (Does warn players when this feature is used)*
9. Over 300 patterns pre-installed
10. Using bingo cards printed with IBA Bingo Card Maker you can use the software's check bingo card system to verify winners.
11. You can use our interal "card class" wizard to create cards of various sizes and various ball counts. Note: This feature works with IBA Bingo Card Maker.
12. You can change the color of screen elements.
13. Downloadable bingo card maker project file that you can use to print up to 25,000 bingo pages directly from the program. Four bingo cards per page.
14. Change the Bingo Letters to any letters or words you wish. (Limited by available space)

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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