HyperTerminal Private Edition

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  • Version: 7.0
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  • Date: Aug 25, 2009
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    IP Utility
HyperTerminal Private Edition Download
Free Download HyperTerminal Private Edition 7.0

HyperTerminal Private Edition is a terminal emulation program capable of connecting to systems through TCP/IP Networks, Dial-Up Modems, and COM ports.
Version 7.0 of HyperTerminal Private Edition is now available for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Some uses of HyperTerminal Private Edition:
1. Use a TCP/IP network to connect to systems on the Internet or your network using Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH)
2. Use a Dial-Up modem to dial into modem based systems
3. Talk directly to many different types of devices using serial COM ports.

Though using HyperTerminal with a BBS to access information on remote computers is a practice that has become less common with the availability of the World Wide Web, HyperTerminal is still a useful means of configuring and testing your modem or examining your connection with other sites.

HyperTerminal records the messages passed to and from the computer or service on the other end of your connection. Therefore, it can serve as a valuable troubleshooting tool when setting up and using your modem. To make sure that your modem is connected properly or to view your modem's settings, you can send commands through HyperTerminal and check the results. HyperTerminal has scroll functionality that allows you to look at received text that has scrolled off the screen.

You can use HyperTerminal to transfer large files from a computer onto your portable computer using a serial port rather than going through the process of setting up your portable computer on a network.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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