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  • Date: Dec 09, 2010
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    Microsoft Office Add-Ins
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Hipsh Auto Text increase your text editing in MS Word and MS Outlook by far. The Auto Text auto-completion tool is a background process that reacts to text types by the user into MS Word and Outlook. When the tool decides it can propose the user words to complete, it wills popup a window for the user
selection. The user can ignore it or select a word.

The words shown listed 1 to 9 sorted by score. The words popup window disappears if the user continues to the next word (or clicks <Space> or press <Esc>). Selection is possible by one of the following ways:
a) Select by <Enter> or <Tab>.
b) Click the relevant digit that is shown to the left of the required word.
c) Mouse click on the required word to complete.
d) Navigate in the word list using arrows (and then press <Enter> or <Tab>).
e) Wait until the Tip-Timer jumps to the next word selection in the list.
Clicking other character will hide the tip list.

Tip timer moves the selected tip down the list. This enables the user to choose only by <Enter> or <Tab> different options in the list without clicking on a digit or moving in the list by the arrows.

Hipsh Auto Text predicts the next word you need based on 2-3 first characters you type. Especially efficient when you need to type long tedious English words. The tool can index either text files or Word doc files, including Word 2007 docx files.

Another way to quickly add words to the index is from editor itself. You can add additional words from within the MS Word editor or MS Outlook editor while working.

* .NET Framework
* MS Word or MS Outlook

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this microsoft office add-ins software.

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