HighMAT CD burn extension for Windows XP

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HighMAT CD burn extension for Windows XP Download
Free Download HighMAT CD burn extension for Windows XP 1.1.1905.1

HighMAT CD Burning A new option for CD burning, HighMAT makes it easy to save personal digital music and video created on your PC to recordable discs that work seamlessly with next-generation consumer electronics devices

You can use the HighMAT (High-performance Media Access Technology) Extension for the CD Writing Wizard on a computer running the Windows XP to create a HighMAT CD. A HighMAT CD contains digital media content (such as audio files, video files, and image files) and interactive menus that enable users to locate and play back content easily. These CDs can be played back on computers or HighMAT-compatible consumer electronic devices such as DVD and CD players.

HighMAT-compatible consumer electronics devices can offer different levels of HighMAT playback support. These levels of playback support determine which types of files can be played back by the device and is indicated by the type of HighMAT logo on the device. For more information about the different levels of HighMAT playback support, see the HighMAT Web site. The HighMAT Extension for the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard creates discs that can be played back in any consumer electronics device that displays the HighMAT logo.

How to Create HighMAT CD's for Home Videos Using Windows Movie Maker 2
With Windows Movie Maker 2 on a PC running Windows XP, you can easily create HighMAT content for playback on a PC.

Step 1: After editing and assembling your movie, save your video as a HighMAT CD by clicking Save to CD in the Task pane.

Step 2: Enter a name for your movie and a name for your CD. (These can be the same, but the CD name is limited to 16 characters.) Click the Next button.

Step 3: On the Movie Setting page:
To use the default movie setting, click Best quality for recordable CD (recommended).
To use a different movie setting, click Show more choices... and choose from the list.

Step 3: (cont.)
Note: The Setting details area displays information such as the file type, bit rate, display size, aspect ratio and frames per second displayed in the video. Click Next.

Step 4: Windows Movie Maker will automatically create your movie and save it as a HighMAT CD.

Step 5: Click Finish. When finished, your CD will eject from your computer.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd burner software.

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