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Hidden Files Viewer is mainly for installation on any USB drive but may also be run from the computer or even on a U3 device, via the Virtual CD. Intended for use by those frequenting public Internet shops (many of which are riddled with viruses), it has a number of useful features such as the ability to close the current browser should it become frozen (often access to Task Manager is forbidden) and will keep a permanent watch on USB drives for the arrival of the inevitable hidden viruses. This application can be used on Windows Vista and 7.

To start Hidden Files Monitor for the first time, double-click the shortcut Start_HFV on the Flash Drive. This procedure should be used whenever the Autorun Option box is not checked or when a bogus (infected) Autorun.inf file has overwritten the normal one; the latter being indicated by the Hidden Files Monitor option missing from the Autorun panel after inserting the Flash Drive. In such a case select Open Folder to view files, click OK, double-click Start_HFV (or open the folder HFViewer and double-click ShowHidden).

Checking the Autorun Option box will enable the application to start automatically each time the Flash Drive is inserted simply by selecting the Hidden Files Monitor icon in the Windows Autoplay panel and then clicking OK or just pressing Enter. If everything is normal then this will always be the top entry in the list.

The basic use of Hidden Files Monitor is to detect hidden files on the Flash Drive but it also functions as a monitor of all file activity on that drive. There is a permanent internal timer running which constantly checks the files and will automatically update the displayed list, showing a red alert message when a new file is detected and adding a "*" to the name in the display indicating that it was not present when the drive was inserted. These new additions are normally created by a virus active on the host computer and are quite common in public internet shops.

If the Monitor is running minimized then it will automatically return to the normal state when this happens.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file management software.

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