Hard Drive Space Claim

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  • Date: Sep 02, 2010
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Hard Drive Space Claim Download
Free Download Hard Drive Space Claim

Hard Drive Space Claim (HDSC) is a powerfull cleaner software to remove temporary files. It can remove temporary files, files in recycle bin, Privacy datas, Internet cash files and invalid shortcuts.
Deleted files can be send to recycle bin. An option lowers CPU and disk usage in order to work in background. A special option offers to compress NTFS drives efficiently (see Smart NTFS Compress here after). HDSC can work from the command-line in order to be automatically launched at each windows start. HDSC cleans files for all computer users in one single pass.
It can also smartly compress drive (NTFS only) and work from command line with options:

Usage: "Hard Drive Space Claim.exe" [-s] [-e] [-p] [-t] [-i] [-sh] [-r] [-c0] [-c1] [-d]"
-s Silent mode: no message displayed
-e Empty recycle bin before starting cleaning
-p Clear privacy datas
-t Clear temporary datas
-i Clear internet cache and history files
-sh Check shortcut validity, invalid shortcuts are removed
-r Send deleted files to recycle bin (recomanded)
-c0 Compress drive without checking already compressed files
-c1 Optimal compressing of drive (slower)
-d0 Normal delete of files
-d1 Secure delete of files
-d2 Ultra Secure delete of files
-plugin Process Plug-In

* Command Line is not activated
* Some advanced options are greyed out, like:
* Send deleted files to recycle bin
* File compression
* Lower CPU usage
* Launch at startup option
* Secure and ultra secure deleting of files

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR15.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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