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Happy Fish Database Designer is a complex application which allows users to design professional databases and SQL interogations. Making a complete and visual attractive entity relationship diagram (ERD) becomes a breeze, even for the less experienced users.

Happy Fish is an ERD database design and sql query tool for all major databases. A WYSIWYG design environment to create a professional and visual attractive Entity Relationship Diagram with domains, tables, foreign keys, views, stored procedures and more. Design and live database access in a consistent user interface with advanced drag and drop functionality. Your base ERD design is alternatively used to generate DDL (data definition language) scripts to create the actual database.
You can connect to almost any database through ADO/ODBC. Happy Fish will reverse engineer an already existing database and translates it afterwards to your own preffered database environment. Live database access support through the Execute SQL feature to maintain or query your database, with code history support.

Happy Fish is a professional database design and query tool for all major databases. Making a complete and visual attractive entity relationship diagram (ERD) becomes a breeze, even for the less experienced users.
Happy Fish generates complete database scripts, defining meta data with tables, indexes, foreign keys and more, with the help of advanced design features and tools. The software will guide you during your design efforts with easy to follow steps.

Top reasons to buy
* One professional tool for all your needs
Happy Fish is a professional tool designed to Create, Extract, Convert, Manage and Redistribute diagrams for all major databases. You create professional looking diagrams. You will be seen as a pro.
* Be productive instantly
No more strange user interface with complicated settings, you will save valuable time. All has been designed to let you be productive and get professional results in minutes. It might inspire you to do something you previously thought impossible!
* Find answers to daily questions faster
Navigating, analyzing and searching a database design becomes very easy with all supplied tools. Let Happy Fish check your diagram and get instant hints and tips on how to improve your database design.
* Value for your money
Happy Fish is simply the best value for your money. Cost effective and affordable. No need to compare standard, advanced or super advanced versions, you will get it all with one purchase.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $240, you can free download and get a free trial.

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