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  • Date: Jun 13, 2010
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A database application creator to help you with your work. Handy Application Maker is a database software maker designed to automatically produce various forms to handle records transaction and to view records in various format based on user setting. No coding. It is cross-platform, and supports database: MySQL, PostreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

Handy Application Maker is a Maintainable, Expandable, and Reliable (H.A.M-M.E.R) Database Software Creator. It aids software developers to produce quality database software without coding. It auto generates forms to process (add, edit, delete, search) records, filter and sort records, view records in tabular format, and print reports, with or without programming knowledge. It is a rapid application development (RAD) tool for building RDBMS (Relational Database Management Software).

Handy Application Maker provides a quick and easy way to start a software project. It provides set of tools to create database tables and fields). Developers create, modify or upgrade the custom-built software to suit the business needs. It shorten the time of coding and testing phase in the software engineering model. Furthermore, it reduces the complexity of the process of creating, modifying and upgrading a custom-built program. It saves a lot of time and resources, and it is fast for new modules development.

Handy Application Maker can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS. It is multi-platform supported, built purely by Java. It works with both commercial and open source database that are JDBC supported. Such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and open source database like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Derby, HSQLDB, etc. Currently MySQL, PostgreSQL, and HSQLDB have been tested.

Handy Application Maker contains 2 modules: Admin and Client-Program. The first module is the Forms Builder, a place to make various forms to handle records. It is the program designer place. The second part of H.A.M-M.E.R is the Main Program Interface, also known as client program. It is the final software that delivered to your customer. These modules coordinate and cooperate to give full support for software developers to built robust, reliable high quality software.

Handy Application Maker Features:
1. To create a customized business solution software with database scheme prepared.
2. To create custom-built database software with or without programming knowledge, for business solutions.
3. Easy and Fast to start a software project. Simple steps to produce a complicated and useful interface.
4. Multi-language (language translation form) supported.
5. Security and Authorized Access supported. Group user right and custom user right can be configurd based on need.
6. Improved the Reusability of database tables and forms created by exporting and importing functions.
7. Automatically generates form that can insert, update, delete, search, filter, sort, and print records based on user setting. Moreover, each record can attach up to 2 images.
8. Automatically generates list of records in tabular format based on SQL input.
9. To create customized menu. Different menus for different user is allowable.
10. To create custom splash image, program center picture, and icons for buttons.
11. To provides HTML, XSLT and JasperReports report format.
12. Allow external system UI to be integrated. (The system must be coded by Java Swing)
13. Powerful search function embedded
14. Security and authorized access control over all forms created. To set user type and user rights.
15. Allow custom define of row color for all tabular view.
16. Multi-lingual system. Support up to 9 additional languages.
17. Support both localized and user define date time and currency format.
18. Flexible sequential number (running number) format for user define.
19. Easy database migration to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle.
20. Able to import detail records from one form to another.
21. Able to pull reference data from one form to another.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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