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  • Date: Jul 15, 2006
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Free Download HTTPort 3.SNF

HTTPort creates a transparent tunnel through a proxy server or firewall. This allows you to use all sorts of Internet software from behind the proxy. It bypasses HTTPS and HTTP proxies, transparent accelerators, and firewalls. It has a built-in SOCKS4 server. It supports strong traffic encryption, which makes proxy logging useless, and supports NTLM and other authentication schemes. Version 3.SN features privileged status and faster access for registered users.

At first you can set the proxy settings or firewall, and also indicate what the workaround should be used. Fastest - via SSL, it is no longer required, but does not work on all proxies.

Second, "Remote host", uses in its work to the server, created the program HTTHost (your own or public, which enthusiasts have created the Internet), and it must be on the other side of the firewall / proxy. Mode "Auto" - a combination of the first two: if you do not get quick SSL, use "AP" "Remote host". On the second tab, "Port mapping", you can specify which local ports are listening, and who owns the data from them.

For each application to create custom, given all the addresses from which it operates. For applications that are dynamically changing the ports there Socks4-proxy mode, in which the program will create a local server Socks (, and send him data can be by changing the settings of the program itself or by using special tools (eg, SOCKSCap, more about this program can be found in the previous article).
HTTHost supports the registration, but it is free and password-free - you will be issued a unique ID, which you can contact the support team and ask your questions.

In real world environment, people sometimes use password protected proxy to make company employees to access the Internet. Most of the time, that is a basic authentication. So in this kind of environment, the federated search webpart of Microsoft Search Server 2008 will not work out-of-the-box because we only support non-password protected proxy.

But is there any way to workaround?
The theory is to make a data tunnel through the password protected proxy, so we can map external website to local port, and federate the search result. There're some applications which can do the job, but here we will use HTTPort as an example.

Here're the steps!
1. Get a copy of HTTPort from, the newest version is HTTPort 3.SNFM. Install it.
2. In proxy configuration window, fill in your proxy server name and port, check "Proxy requires authentication" and then input your username and password for accessing this proxy.
3. Check the RSS feed website domain name you want to federate.
4. Click Port mapping tab of HTTPort, and add a new port tunnel. Fill in a local port, for example, 991, then fill in remote host name and port.
5. Switch back to proxy tab. press start button in lower right corner.
6. Check if it works in your browser: replace domain name of your RSS feed with If everything is going on well, and you are lucky enough, the RSS feed will be there and you can make Search Server federate it through this new local URL!
7. Just some note: Not every service can be federated like this. If the target website has more security check, for example Yahoo search, the RSS feed cannot be fetched through such tunnel.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this proxy software.

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