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  • Date: Dec 14, 2017
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HDShredder Download
Free Download HDShredder 5.0.3

HDShredder - Harddisk eraser for IDE and SCSI, HDShredder - secure drive deletion free of cost, Miray Software has extended the successful drive deletion tool HDShredder by a free-of-cost edition for private users. HDShredder 3.2 Free Edition offers secure deletion of hard disks, multimedia storage (SD, MMC, CompactFlash, etc), USB key drives and many other types of mass storage. HDShredder's user interface is comfortable, yet easy to use.
The main obstacle of secure drive deletion: it is not applied in many cases - the resulting risk is being ignored due to the necessary effort. This is the strength of HDShredder: drive deletion with easy operating. No studying of manuals, no installation, and even without an operating system.
HDShredder appeals to all kinds of users and combines ease-of-use with professional features. HDShredder enables private users and small businesses to perform drive deletion hassle-free and efficiently. Huge businesses can add HDShredder to their existing data deletion process, e.g. for a primary deletion of highly sensitive data right in place.
The Free Edition allows private users to delete storage media before dumping it with minimal effort - and, not to forget, at no cost. Afterwards, these media can even be offered carefree over online sales platforms since they cannot be restored, even not by recovery software.
The editions Basic, Standard and Professional are intended for frequent and professional use. Besides other features, they support creation of deletion protocols as well as deletion conformant with German and international security standards. These can even protect from data recovery in special data recovery labs.

The Free Edition of HDShredder deletes hard disks and other storage media ultimately and reliably. Afterwards, these media can be sold or dumped without any risk that former data can be restored, even not with recovery software. The Free Edition is real freeware without obligation to buy and is intended for the short-term usage at no cost. In case of more frequent usage, we recommend using one of the higher editions since they offer additional options which are optimized for regular or professional use.

The Basic Edition of HDShredder is conceived for regular utilization, especially for drive deletions with increased security requirements regarding a potential recovery in specialized data laboratories. It offers additional security levels for drive deletion. The highest level implements a recommendation of the British government.

The Standard Edition of HDShredder is conceived for frequent and semi-professional use. It especially offers eight international security standards of data deletion.

The Professional Edition of HDShredder is conceived for daily and professional use. It creates detailed deletion protocols, provides international security standards (see table), and lets you freely define your own deletion procedures. These features give technicians and professionals maximum flexibility.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR 16.72, you can free download and get a free trial.

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