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HBBatchster Download
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HBBatchster is a Handbrake batch encoding GUI. A wxPython-based application mainly designed for Windows using Handbrake Presets and a functional GUI to batch encode multiple files using the popular HandbrakeCLI command line tool of the Handbrake project in a queue.
HBBatchster supports convenience functionality such as cleaning "garbage" in filenames, supporting pause/resume, drag&drop and much more.
HBBatchster Features:
1. automates your Handbrake encoding needs
2. (tries to) automatically find your Handbrake installation folder and its HandbrakeCLI.exe
3. automatically parses your existing Handbrake presets (%APPDATA%\Handbrake\presets.xml) and custom user presets (%APPDATA%\Handbrake\user_presets.xml)
4. customize encoded file extension (initially the presets chosen file extension is used)
5. optionally clear CRC tags in filenames (File_[0AA0B0BA].avi -> File.mkv)
6. optionally clear "garbage" in filenames ([GarbageBlerg]File_[0AA0B0BA] .avi -> File.mkv)
7. optionally replaces the original extension with the new one (File.avi -> File.mkv instead of File.avi.mkv)
8. ability to pause/resume encoding

* Handbrake

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this dvd utility software.

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