Gungirl Sequencer

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  • Version: 0.3.1
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  • Date: Mar 23, 2009
  • License: Free
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Gungirl Sequencer Download
Free Download Gungirl Sequencer 0.3.1

Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer. It includes a simple Filemanager and uses Drag & Drop to arrange Audiosamples. Gungirl Sequencer is not a MIDI Sequencer. it provides a simple Filemanager to add WAV-Samples to your Mix.

Gungirl Sequencer Features:
1. 8 Audio Tracks
2. Support for 16Bit 44100Hz Audio Samples (only WAV-Format)
3. Export to WAV
4. Drag & Drop Sample Placement
5. Mini Filemanger
6. Custom Colours for Audio Samples
7. Doubleclick for Sample Preview
8. uses OSS under Linux

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music mixer software.

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