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  • Date: Dec 19, 2012
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GrooveWalrus Download
Free Download GrooveWalrus 0.382

GrooveWalrus is a stand-alone music player with GrooveShark and support. Audio player that supports importing GrooveShark playlists. You will be able to import GrooveShark playlists or to enjoy your tracks.

Here are the keyboard shortcut keys:
1. F1: previous song
2. F2: play
3. F3: stop
4. F4: next song
5. F5: save playlist
6. F6: load playlist
7. F7: toggle random
8. F8: toggle repeat
9. F9: volume down
10. F10: volume up
11. F11: mute volume
12. F12: next tab
13. CTRL+D: clear playlist
14. CTRL+R: resets the window position
15. CTRL+B: sets background to a random color
16. CTRL+9: clears album names from playlist
17. CTRL+F: opens the search dialog

How do to (not easily) import a GrooveShark playlist into GrooveWalrus?
1. Search for the playlist on GrooveShark.
2. Click the 'i' Get Info icon beside the playlist name.
3. Click the Embed Playlist button on the playlist info window.
4. Click the Copy Songs button on the Create Widget From Playlist window.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the Make a Widget Screen and hit the Next Step button.
6. Use your cursor to select all the songs listed, and copy.
7. Open the List Sifter tab on GrooveWalrus.
8. Paste the list in the left text control.
9. Select 'song' from the 'artist/song' drop-down field.
10. Insert ' - ' (without the quotes) in the Separator field.
11. Press the Sift! button.
12. Press the Playlistize! button.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music&mp3 player software.

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