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  • Date: Jan 21, 2018
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    Image Processing
GraphicsMagick Download
Free Download GraphicsMagick 1.3.28

GraphicsMagick is a fork of the venerable ImageMagick package, and provides powerful and flexible image conversion, manipulation, and display capabilities.

GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing. Allows you to manipulate over 88 image formats. GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing. GraphicsMagick provides a robust collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats including important formats like DPX, JPEG, and many others.
GraphicsMagick supports huge images on systems that support large files, and has been tested with gigapixel-size images. GraphicsMagick can create new images on the fly, making it suitable for building dynamic Web applications.

GraphicsMagick may be used to resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save the result in the same or differing image format.
Image processing operations are available from the command line, as well as through C, C++, Perl, or Windows COM programming interfaces. Extensions are available from third-parties to support programming in Python, Tcl, and Ruby. With some modification, language extensions for ImageMagick may be used.

GraphicsMagick Features:
1. Convert an image from one format to another (e.g. TIFF to JPEG)
2. Resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image
3. Create a montage of image thumbnails
4. Create a transparent image suitable for use on the Web
5. Turn a group of images into a GIF animation sequence
6. Create a composite image by combining several separate images
7. Draw shapes or text on an image
8. Decorate an image with a border or frame
9. Describe the format and characteristics of an image

Here are some reasons to prefer GraphicsMagick over ImageMagick:
1. GM is much more efficient (see the benchmarks) so it gets the job done faster using fewer resources.
2. GM is much smaller and tighter.
3. GM is used to process billions of files at the world's largest photo sites (e.g. Flickr, see John Allspaw's presentation).
4. GM does not does not conflict with other installed software.
5. GM suffers from fewer security issues and exploits.
6. GM comes with a comprehensive manual page.
7. GM provides API and ABI stability and managed releases that you can count on.
8. GM provides detailed yet comprehensible ChangeLog and NEWS files.
9. GM is available for free, and may be used to support both open and proprietary applications.
10. GM is distributed under an X11-style license ("MIT License"), approved by the Open Source Initiative.
11. GM developers contribute to other free projects for the public good.

GraphicsMagick uses an ASCII string known as "magick" (e.g. "GIF") to identify file formats, algorithms acting as formats, built-in images, and embedded profile types. After a file has been read or "pinged", the associated magick string is stored in the "magick" member of the Image structure, and is reported in the default output of 'gm identify'.

GraphicsMagick supports reading over 88 major file formats (not including sub-formats). The following table provides a summary of the supported image formats.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image processing software.

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