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  • Date: Jan 11, 2020
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Gramps Download
Free Download Gramps 5.1.2-1 (x64)

Gramps can create your own family tree, it is a genealogy program that is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists. It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists. GRAMPS is a genealogy program based on GTK for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree.

Below is a summary of how Gramps helps you organize and analyze your family history.
1. Gramplets
A dashboard to help you monitor the progress of your research. A variety of widgets provide quick analysis of your data and more.
2. People
A list of every individual in your records featuring birth/death dates and more.
3. Relationships
A summary of the active person's parents, siblings, spouses and children.
4. Families
A list of every family group featuring parent names, relationship status and, if applicable, marriage dates.
5. Ancestry
A graphic representation of the active person's ancestry featuring photos and birth/death dates.
6. Events
A list of every event in your records featuring descriptions, event types, dates and places.
7. Places
A list of every place in your records featuring place names and location details.
8. Geography
An interactive map view highlighting places associated with one person, a group of people or all people in your records.
9. Sources
A list of all sources referenced in your records featuring authors and publication details.
10. Repositories
A list of source repositories referenced in you records featuring web addresses, physical addresses and email contact information.
11. Media
A list of all photos, videos and other media referenced in your records featuring thumbnail preview, media type and more.
12. Notes
A list of all text notes included in your records featuring note type and preview.

Import/Export support for serveral different formats.
1. GEDCOM import and export. Extensive support for the industry standard GEDCOM version 5.5 so you can exchange GRAMPS information to and from users of most other genealogy programs.
2. GRAMPS package import and export. A compressed file containing your family tree data and any other files used. Useful for backup or sharing with other GRAMPS users.
3. Export to CD Burner. Export data and media directly to the GNOME file manager (Nautilus) for burning to CD.
4. Web Family Tree export. Web Family Tree (WFT) allows you to display your family tree online with only a single file, instead of many html files the web page report generates.

Gramps Features:
1. Easy to use. A well designed user interface makes entering data easy. Browser like controls allow you to navigate your family tree with ease.
2. 11 different views for navigating your family.
3. Bookmark favorite individuals for quick access. (The number able to be marked is unlimited)
4. Custom filters. In addition to the numerous preset filters, create any number of selections based on interesting facts about your family to use for reports and data exports.
5. Link any media or filetype to your GRAMPS family tree. Choose between copying or linking the file to the database.
6. Privacy options allow restriction of any information marked with this option or information about living individuals. Data marked with this option can be excluded in reports and data exports.
7. Multiple calendars and date ranges are supported. You can convert between Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, French republican, Perzian and Islamic calendars from within GRAMPS via the Date selection window, and you can use fuzzy dates like about 1874, estimated 1905,

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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