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View maps with this tool. Gosmore is an OpenStreetMap navigation application. It can display the map in 2D and 3D. It also provides searching and turn-by-turn routing capabilities. All the data is stored offline in it's own binary format.

Gosmore Features:
1. A 2D map viewing window (Mercator projection), as well as a 3D bird's eye view.
2. Incremental search of all tags. Results are ordered from nearest to farthest.
3. Routing with basic Relation:restriction support.
4. Obtaining the current location from a GPS receiver using gpsd (Linux) or from a NMEA source (Windows Mobile).
5. The ability to add POI's and trace ways which get saved to a .osm format file ready for import into JOSM
6. The ability to automatically switch maps on-the-fly, so you can access the whole planet.

Install for Windows:
1. Run the installer
2. Run Gosmore and find the city you are interested in. Select 'O' and then 'Update Map'. After downloading and unzipping is complete, restart the application.
3. Alternatively, download a prebuilt rectangle or extract or build one yourself using Linux, as rebuilding under Windows is not supported.
4. No registry settings are used. So you can have multiple installations of the software.

Tips and tricks
1. Type the name of an item to the search in the line edit.
2. To find nearby amenities enter the relevant tag value, e.g. fuel.
3. To find the name of the area you are looking at, try to search for suburb, city or village.
4. To see all the tags for an object, zoom in very close.
5. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
6. Use the left mouse button to pan the map. Click above the center of the map to pan upwards, click below the center of the map to pan downwards and vice versa
7. Linux / GTK only : Mark the starting point of the desired route with the middle mouse button and the end point with the right mouse button. Gosmore will paint the route into the map
8. Set the render quality to lowest for a more responsive experience.
9. For optimal battery life, only 'Follow' when you are looking at the display. A simple tap on the map will cancel the 'Follow' function. Even more power can be saved by selecting DisplayOff, turning the device into a dumb logger.
10. If you have an already extracted OSM file, e.g. as output by the planetosm-excerpt-area.pl script.
11. You can create a smaller pak file by specifying a cropping bounding box during a second pass. Even if the bounding box is the whole planet, the resultant file will have a better structure, e.g.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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