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  • Date: Aug 02, 2020
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GoalEnforcer Download
Free Download GoalEnforcer 2020.0

GoalEnforcer is a user friendly purely visual goal setting, planning and managing tool.

1. Set your goals
2. Organize your goal plan
3. Break down big goals into smaller sub-goals
4. Track your progress
5. Achieve

GoalEnforcermakes optimal use of the users short term memory for easier and pleasant navigation, allowing only a limited number of elements to be displayed at a time. It helps you break bigger goals/tasks into smaller sub-goals/sub-tasks. Its is easily adaptable, plan modification is quick and effortless.

GoalEnforcer keeps a neat an clean goal plan at all times, and stimulates creative problem solving. Great for the visual thinker. GoalEnforcer will surely help you getting things done and accomplishing much more.
It can be used as a goal setting and tracking tool, as well as a project management tool and task list manager (to-do list, checklist planner).

Good for home projects, personal projects, students and businesses. It facilitates your communication by generating nice HTML status reports and progress charts that can be emailed or posted to websites by the push of a button.

GoalEnforcer also includes nice status report and charting tools that can greatly help you on tracking and communicating your progress. It allows reports to be generated in HTML and also plain text format. It also export reports in CSV and XML, so that you can easily import them into other applications (ex., spreadsheet applications).

Through the use of a "color code system" tasks can be easily identified as "completed", "future task", "in progress", "running behind", "due today", and "overdue".

A nice chart plots your milestones accomplishments, such that your progress can be easily tracked and optimized.

All reports, including the charts, can be saved, emailed, or uploaded by FTP to a web site. GoalEnforcer has internal automatic tools to email and FTP your reports (as you wish).

* Save function disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14, you can free download and get a free trial.

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