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Girder is the most powerful and feature rich Windows automation tool available. It controls programs like WinAmp and Windows Media Player using infrared and wireless remote controls so you can sit back and enjoy your digital library from your couch.
In Home Theater PCs, Girder controls Windows programs (media/DVD players) and hardware devices (sound cards, X10 and serial devices such as projectors, and receivers). Girder is the behind the scenes glue providing full control of your multimedia experience.
Girder works by linking a wide variety of input devices (handheld remotes, keyboards, etc.) to commands which can control almost any Windows program or hardware device. With a hand held remote, you can have complete control over your computer.
An extensive library of controls is available for download on the Girder website. Girder works with many IR receivers including the USB-UIRT, TIRA, and IRTrans.
For more advanced users, Girders event driven programming environment allows for sophisticated automation applications. Girders scripting language, Lua, provides a powerful (yet simple) way to create programs that can perform advanced tasks including database access, file operations, XML processing, Windows Management and Instrumentation, and internet data retrieval.
Girder receives events from an unlimited number sources including the Windows operating system, Windows applications (even across networks and the internet) and hardware devices. See the Girder website for a complete list of plugins.
Since 1998, Girder has been at the forefront of Windows automation and remote control. Girder has a large and active online community making it the most widely used and versatile automation tool of its kind.
Girder will work on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 platforms and requires minimal system resources. Some plugins are only supported under certain versions of Windows.
Here are some key features of 'Girder':
* Use Girder with your remote to play music from your digital media library, select playlists, crank the volume and play digital DJ for your next party!
* Control your home theater PCs and hardware- from start up to mid-movie play & pause to shut-down, Girder can do it all.
* Use Girder to automate your home. Control your lighting, security system, climate settings and more. Plus, save hundreds of dollars by using Girder instead of more expensive home automation packages!
* Control your CarPC.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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