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  • Date: Apr 21, 2010
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    Mouse & Keyboard
    Windows Utilities
GestMan Download
Free Download GestMan 1.1.5

Mouse gesture manager. GestMan optimize your everyday work with PCs by using set mouse movements (gestures) instead of clicking buttons and icons. The program has an easy interface and allows you to manage the most common actions in the OS.

GestMan performs the following actions:
1. Close the window
2. Quit the program
3. Minimize the window
4. Minimize all
5. Undo the action Minimize all
6. Switch to the next window
7. Switch to the previous window
8. Open Windows Explorer
9. Find files or folders
10. Run dialog box
11. Open Task Manager
12. Mute the volume
13. Undo the action Mute the volume

You can create your own custom gesture for any action given above. Files can be executed with mouse gestures too. You need to add a path to that file and corresponding gesture to configuration. Maybe it helps you to run scripts and use commands.
It is possible to disable gestures for some chosen applications. You need to enter its ".exe file" to the Ignore list. You should add applications with already existing support of gestures. And we recommend to add full screen games to the Ignore list too.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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