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  • Date: Dec 04, 2007
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Are you a Outlook Express user who have a lot of important informations transferred and stored in it? Do you have the terrible experience that losing entire e-mail resources (such as messages, address book, settings, accounts, message rules, junk email lists, signatures, contact, accessories, etc.) due to the system crash or virus attack? What a terrible matter it is! But how should we do? Who can save me? Take it easy. The Outlook backup and restore tool is an ideal solution for you absolutely! It will be the past if you have a Outlook Express backup and restore tool. Now I will recommend a popular and excellent Outlook Express backup and restore tool to you. That is Genie Mail Backup. Following are the detailed introductions of this email backup tool. Come with me and experience its features and benefits yourself now!

Genie Mail Backup is a very easy to use yet powerful and flexible software that can backup and restore Outlook 2000-2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows settings, files, and more. By combining Genie Outlook Backup and Outlook Express Backup in one product, Genie Mail Backup provides a quicker-to-use, lower-cost, and easier-to-manage solution, offering superior performance and more powerful features. In addition to providing backup of email, setting, accounts, contacts and rules, the smart tool also helps to backup Windows Settings, IE Settings, Favorites plus to USB flash devices, CD/DVD, and Online Backup. What's more - Genie Mail Backup combined with Outlook Express Backup offers fast application, lower-cost, and handy solution. It also provides state-of-the-art performance and more powerful features. Following are some key functions and advantages of this e-mail backup utility, including:

Genie Mail Backup is a major email client backup tool. It supports email backup of MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express and Windows mails. Moreover, Genie Mail Backup includes ability to backup added files as well as Windows Settings, Windows Address Book, Internet Settings, and Favorites.

Genie Mail Backup is a secure AES backups tool. It protects our email backups with 128-bit AES encryption. It performs backup of our Outlook while in use and receiving email without skipped files. We can also create automated schedules to perform backup of our email at predefined times. Genie Mail Backup has the ability to save a number of backup sets before purging or leave intact.

Genie Mail Backup includes a mail transfer. With it we can backup our Outlook 2003 and restore on a machine with Outlook 2007 and vise versa. Moreover, Genie Mail Backup can realize more advanced backup needs of us, including: Outlook Tasks and Notes; Calendar Backup; Backup Outlook Signatures; Contacts and Address Book; Message Rules and much more.

Genie Mail Backup enables us to select whether we want to backup all files every time or change folders and files. This gives added flexibility to choose the type of backup type that suits the our needs.

Backing up using Genie Mail Backup has never been easier. Just a single click and Genie Mail Backup will locate the necessary files needed to ensure a safe backup and restore.

With Genie Mail Backup we can backup our mails and other correlative informations to virtually any storage device, including: External and Internal hard disk drives; Iomega REV drive; SAN, NAS, and LAN locations; Memory sticks; CD and DVD media, e.g., DVD RW/DVD R/DVD-RAM/CD-R/CD-RW; Removable media devices; Remote locations using FTP service and so on. Genie Mail Backup has an CD/DVD burning engine provided by Sonic. More CD and DVD burning devices are supported with the additional new feature of dual-layered (DL) DVD support. Backing up to optical media has never been easier.

With Genie Mail Backup, we do not have to purchase a separate product to use its new online backup service. Genie Mail Backup includes this feature making it more flexible and versatile than ever before. Genie Online Backup enables its users' to backup their personal documents and folders anytime and anywhere using the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure sensitive data is transmitted securely. In addition to providing its subscribed clients an online backup service, it also provides online storage via "Genie Drive". This unique service allows its clients to upload files of any type.

Genie Mail Backup ensures business continuity of all their mission critical data, by backing up files even if opened or used by other users or applications; leveraging Microsoft's latest Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) framework, to permit consistent backup of open files without the need for additional applications or plug-ins.

Genie Mail Backup allows us to choose between having backed up data uncompressed, and space consuming, or choosing from any one of 9-levels of compression. With compression we can save space on a storage quota, thanks to our enhanced 64-bit archiving zip engine. This also enables backup files as large as 8 Terra Bytes (8TB).

E-mail notification is a nifty feature that enables Genie Mail Backup to send to us information about the status of the performed backup upon its completion. If we are someone who is always on the move, and if we have scheduled backup jobs to run while we are away, Genie Mail Backup's email notification feature will notify us of any backup job problems.

Genie Mail Backup offers us a feature called SwiftRestore that enables us to restore our backed up data to any machine regardless of whether Genie Mail Backup is installed on it. The backup summary is a new feature in Genie Mail Backup; showing the status of our last backup run, prompting us to run it again if we wish or simply viewing its logs. This makes it easier for us to track down and analyze backup runs.

Genie Mail Backup gives us the ability to delete old backup jobs depending on the number of runs or the time period specified. And also rotate provides automatic rotation between Full and Incremental backups.

In addition, Genie Mail Backup provides a free trial for us. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 8.0. The price of the registration version is only $34.95 and we can get update and upgrade free. How about this automatic backup tool? With Genie Mail Backup never worry about losing our important files. What are you waiting for? Get Genie Mail Backup and keep your Email safe now!

Genie Mail Backup is designed to easily create a backup or archive file of your mail folders from Outlook 2000-2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and restore them if necessary. The backups can be stored locally, on network drives, removable media or FTP locations.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $34.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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