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This utility allows you make a lot of modifications to the registry settings of any GeForce videocard. (GeForce256 [DDR], GeForce2/MX/Pro/Ultra, GeForce3, Quadro, Quadro2/Pro/MXR, Quadro DCC).
With this tool you'll be able to take control over the possibilities of the NVidia Detonator driver --> You can tweak your videocard to its max!

Overlocking is made easy with this Freeware tool for GeForce cards. The GeForce Tweak Utility is a freeware tool for adjusting GeForce cards. You can use this to access the Registry entries of GeForce graphics cards.

Changes in version 3.2:
* Fixed GTU not showing the Z-Occlusion-Culling box with >23.xx drivers
* Fixed mixed on/off states for Z24Enable & ZCompressEnable
* I switched to a much safer adapter detection mechanism for Win9x/ME users. If your card is installed properly then this routine will DEFINATELY find your card. (It queries the driver itself for the registry key) But this has (temporarily) disabled multi adapter support
* modified largefont settings
* new program icon
* overclocking should work with 27.xx drivers.
* bugfix at twinviewdisabled for 27.xx drivers fixed
* added possibility to change TextureLevelOfDetail in OpenGL
* added hotfix to enable negative LOD settings for >23.xx D3D detonators (W9x)
* renamed "render no more frames ahead than" to "max number of framebuffers"
* OpenGL FSAA fix
* I think I found a bugfix for the "konnte Daten fur Bart nicht holen" bug.
* helpfile integration is finished. The new helpfile is included within the GTU download package.
* removed the following settings (due to missing information on these settings):
* texture precache
* scene synchronisation
* modified fast / quality preset
* Added settings "Color key compatibility" and "Use higher level of Anisotropy with FSAA (Texture Sharpening)"
* small changes at the OpenGL VSync

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system optimizer software.

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