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  • Date: Jun 03, 2015
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Gantt Designer is an easy-to-use but comprehensive Gantt chart designer software. Genuine drag-and-move to re-schedule tasks with holidays considered. Drag-and-drop to link tasks, with extensive checks on dependencies. A wide choice of time-bar types and colors and shades. One-click rolled-up task/sub-task management. Easy printing options, spans multiple sheets for large charts by simple mouse clicks. Copy and paste Gantt chart into Office documents.

Timios Gantt Designer is an exception. Gantt Designer is serious but easy-to-use and focussed solely on Gantt charting - project management is a by-product. Textual data are entered like in a spreadsheet. For data that can be graphically represented, eg start time or duration, you can use your mouse to drag and resize time-bars.
Charting assistance with true calendaring. Specify the number of days required to complete a task and Gantt Designer will automatically take care of weekends and holidays. In addition, Gantt Designer will update automatically if you change the start date.
Drag and drop to link tasks, with extensive checks on dependencies, and affected tasks will be automatically re-scheduled, visually and instantaneously. Links that are meaningless are prevented. Flexible printing options that are a breeze to set up.
Spans large charts across multiple sheets with ease and like what you would expect. You can also print to a crisp image file for inclusion into web pages. Time-bar annotations linked to a task property. Copy and paste portions or whole chart into other Office documents with ease. Gantt Designer is fully Unicode-enabled for your data.
Gantt Designer Features:
1. Easy to use - drag to move task start times or duration.
2. A wide range of bar types and colors and shades.
3. Linked tasks - changing the start date or duration of a predecessor task will automatically shift all successor tasks appropriately. Tells you right away whether your total schedule is acceptable.
4. Easy printing options - decide how you want to print, especially if your chart spans multiple pages.
5. Copy and paste a portion of or a whole chart into Office documents or web pages.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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