Gandalfrank Sudoku

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  • Date: Jul 10, 2010
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    Sudoku Games
Gandalfrank Sudoku Download
Free Download Gandalfrank Sudoku 3.0

Sudoku is a program Freeware realized with Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition to have a good time resolving the famous numerical puzzle.

Gandalfrank Sudoku Features:
1. There is a Chronometer to time the game.
2. It is possible to change the number's Colors in the cells; every number can have a different color
3. It is possible to insert many numbers in every cell like a Notes.
4. With the Undo button the user can restore a number deleted and also he can return to the beginning of the scheme.
5. The player can Delete a whole cell or only a single number .
6. There is the SOS button that inserts in any empty cell all the numbers that can stay there.
7. And if a player can't solve the scheme, he can use the Solution button which allows to view the grid complete.
8. In the program there is an Editor, so the user can insert, edit and save any new scheme.
9. The user can play with his own schemes using a proper Empty Grid for the purpose
10. It is possible to show the Coordinates of the cells
11. The user can play with the only memorized schemes or with one of their Combinations
12. The player can choice wich Language to use: Italian or English
13. The way to Insert new schemes in the editor has been improved
14. All the proposed schemes have a Unique Solution.

Game Rules
It exists only one rule to have a good time with this puzzle: the purpose of the game is that to fill all the cells with the numbers from 1 to 9 so that in every line, every column and every square of 3x3 boxes contains the figures above suitable one and an only time.

The application allows you to create some grids of Sudoku to add to those already existing. The program does not check if the scheme that you're inserting has one or more solution, but it allows the user inserting and editing every grids

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this sudoku game software.

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